by Izreal

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released May 29, 2017


all rights reserved



Izreal San Francisco, California

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Track Name: War on Terror [Prod. by Yondo]
Another terrorist attack, can you believe that?
Yeah, I grew up with that shit, its a sad fact,
I been out there raging at the muthafuckin fat cats,
Marched at occupy, grew up in september's shadow, (SPLAT)

Had to flow like perpetual water goes,
Or otherwise face changes unstoppable,
Move and maneuver with no obvious figure,
I mean keep it mysterious, always roll ambiguous,

Been in the city, been in the country,
Been eastside shitty AND westcoast pretty,
Gritty since the coldest winters up in New Eng-y,
Izzy been trainin' like Jedi on edges of the galaxy,

Lightsaber to the face to burn bud at a good pace,
Race to the finish, but we all need make our case,
Who's better off, who's better off without it?
Doubt it and you'll see reality become bullshit,

Feedin on the interrogation of a nation,
A place complacent with being watched constant,
No consent, impatient livin in decrepit FEMA tents,
No regrets, trying to live without accumulating debt,

Acclimating to a new coast mindset,
Beast till I be wrecked, but now summer all season,
Smokin like its all I breathe in,
Used to be fiendin' off brick shit, now stable in the cloudland,

Dont got another motherland, 'cept Gaia,
Only roll with fire, only flow like water off glaciers, (cool)
Ferocious is the object, kill it 'till eject,
Tokin' mean packs, seen racks, mission to (smack!)

Policies that clusterfuck us people oftenly,
Off the top I been movin' on a few blocks,
Dodge cops like drones in Middle Earth,
'FUCK!!! Here comes another onslaught!’

Eyes is reddened, mind is septic,
High like a reverend, puffin till heaven,
Looked at like a teacher since 7,
World ain’t been the same since 9/11,

Toke the crop of my forefathers,
Infuse with the land unless it's poor product,
Spit raw dust, but flow liquid acid,
Plus I been known to get prez when I demand it,

Dialed 9-1-1 at 9:11 on 9/11,
Hoping today that I don’t see heaven,
Tokin’ on Colombian, lovin' my brethren,
The world’s been odd since I was 11

Too much information, the same as disinformation,
Remain cautious or your advantage is taken,
Wisdom is a journey not a destination,
Open every optic for total concentration,
Track Name: Picket Lines [Prod. by BluntedBeatz]
Picket lines are where my people come from,
Government tryin' to make us all be felons,
Tantrums leadin' to homicides so random,
Wheres the mankind? Losing our damn minds,

Land mines and tear gas on our own citizens,
And we all been so dumb, they ain't too wrong,
But they took it too far, taking lives like burglary crimes,
This is why I rhyme, to try to correct the times,

Black lives matter, fuck any other chatter,
Before they didn't have a voice, no choice in any matter,
That should make your brain shatter, spine shiver,
Soul sadder cause they're your fucking brothers!

Hug your lover, and end all that lead us to suffer,
In trouble unless we're rubber, never stutter,
Bounce back better than Bale as Batman,
Blunt in one hand, baby girl side by lookin' tan,

Masses in a trance from television, burgers and apps,
Clashes with the raw nature livin' our ancestors had,
Passive compared to troops, but eyes red from yellin truth,
Smellin' my herbs meltin' causin' 'servatives to lose screws,

Bruised up by life since it handed me rotten lemons,
So with what I got, I harvested mold by the thousands,
Got cheese, made wine like Jesus, grew fungus wildin',
Appeased a higher truth, my thesis, to run with Zeus, just thievin',

Believing in a unseen vision, a place we haven't dreamed up yet,
Where life harmonizes on a see saw, to balance im an addict,
Practice like a fanatic, spit lit with an automatic clip,
Rip shits like toilets, fuck outta here if ya vibes aint electric,

Positive like an optimist but more realistic than scientists,
So I'm tryin to cause a shift, surf a time space rift,
No raff/raft, just me, alone in a cosmic sea, sky so starry,
Eyes beam ruby, the moment is just one long movie,

Sing it smoothly with a mind so moody,
Don't judge like Judy, get ya soul groovy,
Get ya woe's moving, get the hoe's twookin',
Bootcamp for the kin, bra straps and 'ginia slims,

Spin around the globe like Atlas got an itch,
Spaz on Jason Mraz to get Mr.West level 'razz,
Got the girl hitting notes so abstract it sounds like jazz,
Plasma rocket at any enemy who goes for my pocket stash,
Track Name: Alma Mater [Prod. by Arbus Beats]
All my alma mater are addicts, pregnant or overachievers,
Been ashin that reefer since Ashton Kutcher wanted Moore,
Pacin back n forth, feet sore but the mind gotta roar,
Obstacles I overcome cause the globe I gotta explore,

Pour poor me into a glass half empty of whiskey,
Then I switch angles, now Im rich, half full, try me,
Bout to feast on dishes I ain't ever seen,
Heard of figures this big, but never touched till currently,

Currency be coming in quickly, monthly, weekly,
I got cash I got to ship in, working till midnight sleeps,
Up until the mornin', workin' on my flowin',
Warned the fams I’m goin' to war, I’m Hardened,

Warm in foreign hands, pardon I got issues of abandonment,
Put my passion in Pandora's box and held it all in,
Until now, it's explodin out the barrel of a rocket, runnin',
While I'm spinnin' on the tip of a needle, this balance is a big feat, mannnn

No frontin’, no frontin’, no frontin’…

Most my friends never had a father,
Known to paint pictures, spit flow like lava,
Quote scripture and rip it up like I'm Hoffa,
Been made since before manufacturin lies got Johnny out of office, (BANG)

Shimmey down chimneys with Jimmy and James Dean,
I mean Jim Bean, but my style is similar, don't sip lean,
I burn like bonfires, swimmin in fuego, last moments of Fredo,
Or was it Sonny? It's never sunny when murder is the lunchmeat,

Clench the fist and move the feet, revolutionary,
Been incendiary on beats, I burn vegetables with ease,
Deep in a culture known to harbor vultures that leech,
Normandy beach stormin' to norm the world back to nice beaches,

Numb the young, drug the dumb until they're spun,
Hung off ideas that can't catch a good run,
Smoke until there's none then reup until Kingdom come,
Been sink full of crumbs, no stoppin till marble columns,

No frontin’, no frontin’, no frontin’…

Speak the truth even if it ends my life,
Stand atop a column ragin till I poltergiest,
I vault the hype, run laps in my head at night,
Known to smite mics and find booties so ripe,

Give a fuck about a subject and they dismiss you,
Time to change our generation, turnin’ desire to cool,
Let the fire be the fuel, killing it till my soul drools,
Illin’ at it till my foes lose, only drop bars that contain truths,

Zeus in the booth from the land of the Moose,
Spittin’ till my lungs collapse like my neck got noose,
Got caboose? Then send your ass my way,
On a higher wave acceleration down the Highway,

I lost tomorrow by lingering over yesterday,
Mascaraed as a pest to get my fuckin’ pay,
But rather sing solemn under skies of grey,
Or talk about the happiness I felt when life is great,
Track Name: Humblin' [Prod. by BluntedBeatz]
They say its hard being young from the slums,
But where I’m from either you poppin' pills or gettin' pregnant,
Even jumpshots and slanging crack rocks wont save you up north,
Cause the ignorant run the black market and moneys real sparse,

All my days are harsh, so I constantly be coughing marsh,
Not mersh, this flowers louder than the last hour,
Higher than the most honest soul during the rapture,
With this fire I can accomplish anything like a powerful shepherd in a peaceful pasture,

Feast now cause we don’t fast here,
The last weird, most real, soon to be master,
Its the veloci-factor, you better fear this rapper,
A raptor built with a velocity to have the last word,

The pachyderm packed in with silly cowards, (rise uppp!)
Skin so thick it puts nicki's ass to shame, (worddd haha!)
This aint my last supper, I discovered my Judas before,
Took matters into my own hands, Judas ain’t around no more,

Pushin and shovin',
Humblin and strugglin',
Tryin to get through the hustle and,
Bustle, fuckin bustin' till im winnin',

Halfway between mogul and messiah,
Gettin higher than the notes of a choir,
Tirelessly progressin my paper and my souls desires,
Never losing the fire, remembered as a veteran when I retire,

Izreal the name, burn it like a brand into your brain,
Fuck fame, I just wanna show you I can hit my aim,
Limits just within ya, open up, conquer bigger pictures,
My mona lisa not even thought up yet, so hold up I got better spit,

My sixteens similar to scripture, can reconfigure minds a bit,
Perception shift, reflection is the fish we chasin till we quit,
See ourselves in true nature, cause i dont wanna just exist,
So Im my harshest critic, a cynic unless im doin my best,

The only perfectionist who puffs piff,
Girls suckin his dick while he plans tactics,
Sacred mathematics used to divide your unit,
Multiply my students, overrun 'em, its prudent!

Pushin and shovin,
Humblin and strugglin,
Tryin to get through the hustle and,
Bustle, fuckin bustin till im winnin,

Provin' that I can lead a fuckin’ movement,
Be the sun for the rosebuds in the cement,
Guiding like the north star, follow the scent,
Of sensi, its the sativa sensei, got trees like an ent,

Wisdom like the elders, passin' around volcanic vapor,
Mutating shit in my labs like I’m peter parker's savior,
But I’m just tryin' to be next level, rank up like a gamer,
Found a way out the simulator, teleported through a nebula,

Cause I’m a star goin' supernova, hopin’ to out hoop Hova,
Cause isn’t that the point? Im gonna dunk on Jordan (haaa),
Impossible is possible you just gotta earn it son,
So I’ve been puttin' in work like a mothafuckin’ immigrant!
Track Name: AREA 52 [Prod. by Musikal Beats]
They tryin’ to fuck with us,
They tryin’ to fuck us up,
They tryin’ to separate us,
They tryin’ to fuck with us,

Found follies in the foolish ways of conspiracies,
“Fuckin’ chemtrails” uttered from the mouth of all the hippies,
We’re stuck cause the Illuminati owns your body,
And their bodies are alien or reptilian- Can’t you see (bruh)? (LOOK A UFO!)

If you listen to these cats you’ll learn the Earth is flat,
Or hollow, the holocaust didn’t exist and Kirk wished he still did,
The 27 club’s a hub of their curiosity, so they never have white lighters,
Kubrick filmed the Moon Landing and really the Moon is smoke n’ mirrors!

Jet fuel don’t melt steel beams, and where was Larry Silverstein?
Tower 7 was a controlled demolition,
And you’ll be beheaded if you speak sedition,
And don’t get them started on JFK’s assassination,

Powdered drugs are the truth and LSD is a religion,
Some still believe that the Testaments are confirmation,
We rode dino’s on the way to work, and the Gov created Avian,
SARs, Zika and AIDS, oh and they control the weather too, (mannnn, y’all…)

Paranoid, paranoid,
Gotta see the void,
The real voice, the real world,
Stop bein’ paranoid,
They tryin’ to fuck with us,
They tryin’ to fuck us up,
They tryin’ to separate us,
They tryin’ to fuck with us,

See but real conspiracies actually be true, and that should scare you,
Like Jet fuel don’t melt steel beams, and where was Larry Silverstein?
Did you know the Federal Reserve is a private corporation,
Fiendin’ off the finances of the poor man, reverse Robinhoodin’,

I mean all of this currency is currently just debt,
We’re slavers to the republic that is in debt to us,
It’s a fucked system with no endpoint to get justice,
So we all remain patiently waiting, while they jail us,

And the military industrial complex is a fucking mess,
Back in the 50’s they dosed us, codename MKUltra,
Or when they took control of media, Operation Mockingbird,
Now they tryin’ to extract us from society like a cancerous tumor,

Prisoners forgotten like third grade rumors,
And I don’t know about you, but I’m stayin’ outside the stupor,
Don’t wanna be an experiment like Tuskegee,
Either way they’ll deceive you, CIA sell you coke, then the DEA book ya,

I’m bein’ Paranoid, paranoid,
Gotta see the void,
The real voice, the real world,
Stop bein’ paranoid,
They tryin’ to fuck with us,
They tryin’ to fuck us up,
They tryin’ to separate us,
They tryin’ to fuck with us,

It’s just…. the data overwhelms us,
I’m not saying Bush did this to us,
But if Operation Northwoods is real, what the fuck?
And don’t get me started on the Gulf of Tonkin’,

Cocaine Contra, or the whole damn War on Drugs,
Did 3 tours in that fucking Drug War,
I’m a veteran off course, of course they fucked wit all of you,
But somehow still today, my aura shines through,

Like let’s talk real shit, like how 1 in a billion chance we’re in base reality,
Like this is the matrix, and you’re all clones to me,
Robots or demons sent to divert me from my path,
And yanno the NSA always be spying on our ass,

So that leaves me paranoid, TPP about to go ‘roids,
Turn to the TiSA, check about how it’ll fuck the US of A,
The realist conspiracy that breathes is how everyone thinks they’re right,
But obviously, there is only one is, aight?!, (who doe?)

Paranoid, paranoid,
Gotta see the void,
The real voice, the real world,
Stop bein’ paranoid,

They tryin’ to fuck with us,
They tryin’ to fuck us up,
They tryin’ to separate us,
They tryin’ to fuck with us,
Track Name: For Pete [Prod. by IGNORVNCE, Dopant Beats & BluntedBeatz]
If darkness is a destination, I was born there,
If hope is just a dream, it’s the one I want to sleep through,
If battle is the only means for peace, how do you find truth?
If the light is forgotten, the people lose evil’s proof,

Editing history, now imagine if Satan was the editor,
Who knows who’s right or wrong, left or right?
If we’re already lost, who can find the stranded?
If we need guidance, who can lead who’s never been led?

Cycles spin like washers and rims, nature and whims,
Thoughts never stopping, mouth always yawning,
If mortality exists, who do we sprint to 401k’s and retirement homes?
If morality exists, why do we hide secrets and face failure all alone?

Lord of the flies gotta hide like a jaguar in disguise,
Jungle deviant, viking madman helpin’ you meet your demise,
North-born native, not a stranger to colder tribes,
My girls thighs my earmuffs, diving in the muff like a penguin under ice,

I could diss you like used tissues over pixels,
Dismiss bitches like you, cause no need to fued,
Duel with beasts though, beastmode,
Marshan with the crown on, shinin gold,

Soul royale, fuck a toy, this aint childs play,
I'll say what I want, fuck a fool who just fronts,
(Hey!) You angered and stressed thinkin this is the last straw,
While Im riskin it all hopin I aint the straw that breaks the camels back,

Ammo stacked, radioactive and apt to attack,
Advanced warfare gaming enemies till they meet black,
Video livin', studio drivin',
Pippen in his prime with a dime on his side,

I'm at it like an addict,
I'm spastic over static,
I'm aimin for a life that aint tragic,
Been mad as shit but now happy with all of it!

I'm back and forth, I can't find sense,
Been lost without direction since 10th,
Grade, been trapped in this maze,
Hard to find clarity when you weren't raised,

Refuse to defuse cause I need new views,
Gotta move to where the skys always blue,
Hate to delude any genre, idea or my honor,
Kickin' back, loaded like I'm in Nirvana,

Bang goes the clock, counting down with the tock,
Till we meet the eye of a glock from a dude up the block,
I just wanna hang like Williams without robbin' my health,
Gotta move with stealth, cause they all after your wealth,

Grey is the day, so balance it like some cake,
All my dro fuego, wherever I go my flow quakes,
Takin hostages like homages to Muhammad,
My concert: poppin', do you see any other option?

Kolonopin in Compton, just tryin' get it in,
Honest man, there's no honest friend,
Just rituals filled with habitual astonishment,
Tarnished from rent, we all stuck till we reach end,

Both sides are corrupt, money been bought the eagle,
Cause if voting changed anything, itd be illegal,
Dont you see through closed keyholes? The evil peoples?
Followed by blind sheeple, open your eyes, all three for real,

Say yes to it all, then you in dungeons where they all tell you yes,
It's good, every move you make is stellar, till you turn, see the mess,
Old yeller to cold fellas, im a goodfella, see how im dressed?
Dont be fooled by illusions, shaman thinkin' and spray pests,

Get it yet? Palin wasn't a fuckin maverick,
But Alaska do have them grizzlies and Kodiak's,
Not gram-worthy, cant snap when the foe will break ya,
No kodak anymore, but we lack guys with backs like Kojack,

Screamin more facts and fuck FRACKS,
Dont hold back, plottin till I got O's like OPEC,
Trillion billion dollar accounts, unchecked,
Time to hijack these fat cats floatin on my jetpack,

Drug in one hand, a drink in the other,
Pop a pill and smoke herbs till I hover,
I grew up around where most people suffer,
But I found love and saw a reason to go past here,

No fear slidin like paint on canvas applied by Vermeer,
Steer in the direction of chaos, learn how to maneuver Madoffs,
Before they make off with all your moolah,
Three cheers for all my old school goomahs,

I dabbled in dentist drugs, dare me to drive?
Ridin down the highway doing 185,
In my Maserati, life’s been good till I slide,
CRASH, it’s funny how you feel the most alive right before you die…

Can barely look at my cousins corneas,
Hes a cop now, picked the other side where fears,
Lies, and deceit run the streets, and he's gotta clear it,
Steer a captainless vessel, game of thrones with no quit,

I wanna talk to him, let us all be peaceful but its dim,
Nights darker than the hash we boil makin pockets like our eyes, slim,
Thin in the face of unchangeable facts, move like water,
Bend like limbs but power undeniable to what I control,

So it leaves me at jagged crossroads,
Juxtaposed with junkies, but sharin blood to an enforcer of the code,
Sewed seeds of evil in times past, now time bowed,
Arrow through dimensions, my bow long like what I’m owed,

Gold standards are all I ever aim for,
Goal oriented like valedictorians and victors,
Magna cum laude character who dropped out of college,
Pennin’ my magnum opus, all I’m after is knowledge,

Mensa level sensei's surround me,
Out here livin the modern Magna Carta,
Charter to a new world where only third eyes see,
Herb gets flames then I’m free, flowin in your harbor,
Track Name: TRAVEL part 1: Bitter Battles [Prod. by P.SOUL]
Born in the bitter battles that burn,
From a bubble in the belly of the beast,
Thought I understood, but still I learn,
People aint that evil, at least left of East,

So I re emerged on the otherside,
10 days, no U turns, high in the ride,
I got to the land of the trees to try,
My whole tribe like can I take the drive?

Come on, come on,
I say the more the merrier today,
Cause it aint about hate,
Where they californicate.

Tortured since birth with ideas of oblivion,
Now I see the greener grass and know it's all good man,
Millienials built their own metropolis,
Its called California, join in on this(?)

Dodgdin drones, bustin bullets, boko haram and Isis,
Walkin on thin ices, hoping we dont fold to our vices,
Learned life was priceless, got ambitious and nice with,
Words that swerve like swords over herds I slaughter quick,

Apparently i made a martyr tick, then ran with it,
Its been harder since I been murderin,
Gotta keep it up, dot the I's like Dexter,
Or theyll red dot ya little brother,

Mixtures that'll fix ya, figures disfigured,
Pictures of Liquors and pitchers of elixirs,
Quicker to wither down, all my opponents be,
Back down or ready up for the beast to breathe,

Leave, leave,
Burn leaves like cali forest fires, chief,
Weep at the steeples of my people,
Got chariots of gold while you drown in evil,
Track Name: TRAVEL part 2: Hazin' in 'Murica [Prod. by BluntedBeatz]
Hazin in hotels, kept up in couchlocked corridors,
Been poor before, now time to find where my treasure stored,
On this rollarcoaster ridin', smokin' while I'm drivin,
Drinkin till I'm high then recline into Gaia's design,

No blues in my rearview, (sooo)
No po-po and tears dont fall no more,
Fuck a ho, thats the past where I dont go,
Only flow where waves are gonna roll,

Only deal in tsunamis, wild like I ride a harley,
Lonely foes sippin aged barley, while I roastin' marley,
Marchin through marshes so mellow,
From the coast where we spread melted marshmellow,

Fluff up ya resumé till your bones decay,
Raised a stray on a grey rainy day in May,
Laid them all back home, so I had to fray and roam,
Storm through a zone ya don't know, outside home,

I keep all my people high like american airlines,
Unravel in my travels with a piece of a vine,
That’s the only time I can find peace of mind,
‘Least I got the cadence and power to rhyme,

Been through the Gothams, the goblin lairs,
Dodged gallows and kept bullets hallowed,
Follow my lead and find yourself without need,
Greed doesn't pay, but ambition can get you a raise,

Blaze like I'm orange, loco like I'm off the door hinge,
Got rhymes longer than my penis, rap genius fringe,
Kindred spirits I singe, native to America, Mark Twainage,
Born to bring damage to darkness like I'm ya flood's drainage,

I take your weight and flip it till I get payments,
Finger to fees that arrise before ya even pay rent,
Odd to have no means and still plot till the end,
But thats where I've been, not matter how low I always been scrappin’

We all just children on these shores,
Oceans stretch for years on I'm sure,
Churches & Billboards,
Rollin’ through the Southernland,

Littered highways in North Carolina, dead dogs and cats,
Swamps in Florida and Louisiana, traffic stopped flat,
Nice people everywhere, but yanno some pack Gats,
Been stack-in’ Jack-sons till I escape all of that,

Dipped through the East to the Dirty,
Walked with Pirates in N'orleans streets,
Thieves and the meek just chillin with the peak,
Upper escheleon among their broke brethren,
Track Name: TRAVEL part 3: I Gotta Fly [Prod. by P.SOUL]
I gotta fly and find my people,
Been smoking weed since before it was legal,
From a small town, a place filled with evil,
Moving to the west coast and shedding my ego,

Im something akin to a superhero,
But all my kin are stupid Nero's, (wildin!)
Started from a kingdom of zero,
Raised to brave for my own for real,

Time to rise like revolutionaries! (Vote bernie!)
Rhyme like Doc Suess burnin' hairy,
Your crew just Llyods and Harrys,
Dumb and dumber better smarten up to see clearly,

Got clarity like Im staring through lens to read,
Got benz to beep, time to herd in all these sheep,
I creep like crypt-keepers in a dirty green Jeep,
Through nights of oil leaks and booze priced dirt cheap,

Doin' dirt for cheap, junkies doin' felonies to eat,
And by eat I mean the cycle of needles repeat,
Daily the junk fills veins, goin' deep,
No retreat in this land of villainy,

Barely can weep, cause now is the time for redemption,
Retaliation without a hand gun, just mental motivation,
Ammunition ready, steady the aim till we lock on,
Shock and awe, bust a bullet, in war there is no draw,

Reality got no safety net, no last call, no helpful sprawl,
Unless you build it yourself, gotta create your own wealth,
Inside the mind, not inside your wallet,
Fuck college, I said fuck debt, went out and made my own shit,

Working till we on Award Tour with Common and 'Ye,
Tryin to not be common, harder to be average for my mind,
Can't be simple, crack secrets like a shaman, skateboard-like grind,
Pace through times of apocalyptic signs, Got a celestial shine,

Pedestal time, took the old pussy off of it,
Rant in a riot like Che Guevara shit,
Quick to get lit after 4 dank spliffs,
Shank a convict chuggin gin & tonics,

Bonkers, spiralin ballistic similar to Sonic,
Chronic carnivore, consumin' like its toxic,
But it aint shit, cannabis the meditative gift,
Nature my supplier, only one higher is Gaia,

Cant tire, gotta inspire, Adventure out the shire,
Mention my name to foes and they perspire,
Gettin heavy name veterans to drop and retire,
Anti letterman, fuck a jock and a mainstream, I'm no liar,

Im after a man's dream, similar to a Titan tryin' scheme,
Heighten then feel supreme, green so extreme,
Fuck a meme, build up like steam to assemble a team,
But I've been ready since before I was a teen,
Track Name: Al vs. El (The Misadventures of Al Capone & Eliot Ness) [Prod. by Yondo]
Eliot Ness:
Test Ness and I’ll show ya what we did Pre-bullet poof Vests,
Preclude my untouchables, the law will let justice fuck you,
Now that you’re King Al, Watch yourself from the envious,
Demons lurk that’ll want to dress you down like Caesar, (beware…)

Al Capone:
Aye it’s Capone, sittin’ on my evil throne,
Rather be greedy than needy, capiche?!
Nah it’s fine Ness, see how long your purity works,
Go with the flow till your poor and can’t eat no mo’,

I got police behind me, the hero role fits me,
You just filthy, murderous, would stab ya own family,
Dammit C, but sooner or later we’ll get on a conviction,
Extortion, theft, murder, taxes, and racketeering-

Not to mention illegal distilleries, I be livin’ lavishly!
Rich like a bitch, but about to upgrade my luxury,
Fucks with me and I’ll send 33 to ya street,
Bring a Magnum everywhere, like I’m never random, (HEAT!)

Biggie : “I'm living every day like a hustle"
Jay-Z: “As I zone in the Al Capone, watch me”
2pac:" In a state that’s untouchable like Elliot Ness”
Fugees: "Voodoo; I can do what you do, easy,
Believe me, fronting niggas give me heebie-jeebies,
So while you're imitating Al Capone..."
Big L: "Them Federals got my phone and my house tapped,
Praying that I fall for the mousetrap, I doubt that”

Eliot here, ready to find the crimes in your mind,
We’ve been trained to take you down, 11 men that can’t be bought,
We follow the law, stay in the lines, never outside the box,
Our thought pattern linear, some say we miss the real plot,

No, fucking, shit, Sherlock!
You’re background material, perspective locked,
Stuck like bird ox, you need a jolt, a shock,
No wonder my criminal life is great, and yours is what people mock,

Got a hawk’s eye for illegal behavior,
Never sinnin’, always winnin’ cause I’m good with my savior,
Pay not large, but the trade-off is moral superiority,
I be precise and ready to catch gangsters in the night,

Goodluck Mr.Cop, ya know I control the whole block,
Got people that’ll be deceitful just for a whiskey shot,
Drop your body in the Michigan and leave it to rot,
If you think you’re dangerous, I’m three times that, and can’t be caught,

Biggie : “I'm living every day like a hustle"
Jay-Z: “As I zone in the Al Capone, watch me”
2pac:" In a state that’s untouchable like Elliot Ness”
Fugees: "Voodoo; I can do what you do, easy,
Believe me, fronting niggas give me heebie-jeebies,
So while you're imitating Al Capone..."
Big L: "Them Federals got my phone and my house tapped,
Praying that I fall for the mousetrap, I doubt that”

No holding back, I’m letting the dogs loose to attack,
Back to the wall with a Tommy pointed ready to crack,
Blackout before the war is over, get back on track,
This the last time I let you roam free, Capone!

Well that ain’t correct, I got my Capo’s posted up,
‘Bout to roast up some lunch, burn a cuban as my dessert,
This that drink liquor durin’ prohibition shiiiit,
Gropin’ tits and scopin’ licks, this when Godfather’s ran it,

Odd that you reprimand my wits when I’m sober as a churchgoer,
Fast forward to the end and you’re in prison with no ends,
Then you get syphilis and dementia, that’s not how a man go’s,
Maniac react, that’s me, more sour than a bitter mango,

It’s only right that I finish it, since you finished in rags,
Opposite of my story, I rose from the mess to find success,
Clean cuts never risk it, and so all you fool’s just regress,
While the back alley villains be willing to jump, and that’s why we get press,

Biggie : “I'm living every day like a hustle"
Jay-Z: “As I zone in the Al Capone, watch me”
2pac:" In a state that’s untouchable like Elliot Ness”
Fugees: "Voodoo; I can do what you do, easy,
Believe me, fronting niggas give me heebie-jeebies,
So while you're imitating Al Capone..."
Big L: "Them Federals got my phone and my house tapped,
Praying that I fall for the mousetrap, I doubt that”
Track Name: CHLOROFORNIA [Prod. by KIN]
Mind set always been I never need these drugs,
But nonetheless still indulging like a lowlife thug,
Fuckin pounds of green to get to this mental state,
Elevatin past heaven gates till I end up in the golden state,

Wakin up feelin worse than pissed feminists,
But then dismissed that past present,
In the fast, runnin like a menace, got agendas,
Blunt spark to dissemblin my mark like blenders,

Ass is banging, them hips is swayin,
My bones decayin and the sinners stay preyin,
Never needed that cause I faced my problems,
Girl hobblin' in crooked after I got her gobblin',

Job huntin' while I'm career plottin',
Shoppin where markets are blacker than apparel that goth's wear,
Hoppin' to the other coast, find the hip spot, (Where?!)
2 quap before the doom stops watchin' for loon cops, (beware!)

Im the sparked night, fuck a dark knight,
No jokers where superheroes can't save you,
Got gallons of propane in Gotham,
Meanin' I got enough bags of green to smoke up all of Harlem,

You dont get to paradise without some sacrifice,
No more cherries on ice cream, but the vodka on ice scene,
Odd to have no dreams, I've never really been that,
Been fat, got attractive to attract the kitty cats,

Slick city cat roamin' leadin like a lion runnin' a wolf pack,
Solo doja pack, burn till my skull cracks,
Turn like worms act, nauseous till violence smacks,
Then that's where I'm at, in the action where I don't lack,

You a gnat on the wall, I'm a leader walking tall,
The rock in his prime, shoot a fool who can't rhyme,
Spittin' Inconsistencies and conspiracies all the time,
No wonder I didn't have a fanbase solid as my grind,

So I switched perspectives, found myself, got direction,
Analysis anal like a NSA investigation, remain patient,
Act with greatness, defy bullshit in the face your antagonist,
Imagine this bigger and install that figure, just handle your shit!

All the bros on steriods and the ho’s on botox,

Shovel in some grub, burn, conquer and relapse,
All my exes got purple and bruised kneecaps,
Brute before the T pass, sativa passed and we laughed,
Phantom in the night, got the jewels like thief and you mad,

So sad, hail no cab, cause i made em hail to me,
Better bail on your plot for revenge, I got extra eyes to see,
Your petrified once I call out your beef, Im a young chief,
God in training like Hercules off the Hulk colored leaf,

Im the sparked night, fuck a dark knight,
No jokers where superheroes can't save you,
Got gallons of propane in Gotham,
Meanin' I got enough bags of green to smoke up all of Harlem,
Track Name: Painting Melodies [Prod. by P.SOUL]
I am imaginative, (native..)
Hack an apple like a labyrinth,
Liquor my kryptonite shit,
Quicker than dynamite, im goin big,

Rollin spliffs and melting oil,
Figuring out how to remain unspoiled,
Fresh like produce, straight out the keep,
Lettuce jam to these raddish beets,

Affirmative that I'mma regurgitate,
Puke flows that nuke hoes, dark landscape,
Stark mandate, spark some mandrake,
Floating on drakes, like I'm rising like Drake,

Cake architect, cake boss type kit,
Low down I'm on the high brow stayin lit,
Fuego dro blown till I fly and sail adrift,
Spit only complex, could create a universe if im honest...

Vermillion vibrant like I stabbed everyone of Stalin’s victim,
Till I got a million from the M-I-C, not the mic, but the M-I-C,
Military Industrial Complex be ruling like the Crip’s can be,
Blood on the hands of red and blue lights flashin’ for the M-I-C,

See an orange before your casket’s door hinge shut,
Some Godfather level murder I can muster up,
Shut up says the consciousness, my ego be talkin’ shit,
Like clockwork clementine I order up some more rhymes,

Easy like pissing in buckets if your Bieber, peazy, lemon squeezy,
Till I got my lemonade and a beamer painted bumblebee,
Always keep it mellow like I rock the red, green and yellow,
Cough on chiquita shatter, while I feed my bonita bananas till she swallows,

Hollow my heart cause this green had me depart,
From my old ways, now I smoke haze to restart,
Been needin’ Frank’s every day to levitate my status,
And all my off time has been spent deep in practice,

Personality always been blue, not like summer sky,
Rather like a river in the Arctic where no one can survive,
Jagged, frozen to the core, I’m opposite of Mother Earth,
No meant to walk this dirt, I’m cold like that Vulcan with Kirk,

Mold not meant to be similar to the masses,
Young Indigo, coming from the land of trash and molasses,
Up north where the struggles aren’t pictured,
Just disfigured and forgotten, purple in the face from Brandy,

Down and out cause you couldn’t get a scholarship to Brown,
Welcome to the Poor life, America be riddled with strife in every town,
Shit spreading in viral systems, need to end violence and find violet,
Float till you be something other than a human, you’re a spectrum,

Out of the shadows, spirits walk uncomfortably,
And you’ve been livin’ in the darkness since indefinitely,
Gotta learn to explore every experience,
Grow and become something other than drunk and delirious,

I’m not saying we’re meant for a heaven that shines white,
Or where a throne sits and a king decides what’s wrong and right,
All I’m saying is chase the light, you’re not defined by one insight,
Not by one moment, thought or action, but a culmination, so don’t stop the fight, (Don’t)
Track Name: EYEknow [Prod. by dustfingaz]
Eye know that the eye don't know,
So I burn ganja till Jah bless my soul,
Drain liquors like delinquent sailors,
Got paper like Im bout to roll herbals,

Been with the knowledge, out conquerin islands,
Travelin further than astronauts meeting martians,
Sword game on Spartan, and pen level only more sharpened,
And ya know which is mightier, so I'm gettin heightened,

Swerve the Titans, this like when Ben got his lightning!
Frightenin to kids, burn like im tryin to piss off Smokey the Bear,
Coke in her nose and flowers in her hair,
Sundresses dipped in mud while despair runs the affair,

No cares warmin up wooly hairs in my fuckin booth,
And while I think as we sink, trying to decipher reality on vermooth,
Politicians use the truth to tell lies, while artists use lies to tell the truth,
Welcome to the world, it's colder than you knew,

Eye know that the eye don't know,
We all children, tryin' figure out where to go,
Socratic method, so I ain't scared of you,
You know nothin' deeper than what I can see my own view,
Fuck your owned two, i got third eye views,
Indigos about to take control, gettin interviews,
Watch us be the news, in the news, till we the run the news,
Got the shiniest shoes, fuck the owners, we New,

Eye know that the eye don't know,
So I hunt tigers, taught myself how to flow,
Shark infested waters, so I elevated with dro,
Till I was walking on waves like Jesus goes,

Plead the fifth till you out of sight of the foes,
Figure out a method solid or lose limbs, get control,
Grab a bowl, hit a store, kill a cop, fuck a ho,
Misfit and deceit in the land of the receipts,

Meet defeat and rise, your unique, stand on your feet,
Deplete the darkness, delete enemies till they a carcass,
Spit myth in the heat of the battle, through the fog of war,
Deep in pits of mind gore, schizophrenic fits cause Im so poor,

But my souls supposed to soar, golden like eagles built to roar,
On a road to perdition, tryin to do different that my father,
Redemption in the red eyes of rastas, yellow beamin solar,
Because the ganja jar is full of bud that sparkles like stars,

Eye know that the eye don't know,
We all children, tryin' figure out where to go,
Socratic method, so I ain't scared of you,
You know nothin' deeper than what I can see my own view,
Fuck your owned two, i got third eye views,
Indigos about to take control, gettin interviews,
Watch us be the news, in the news, till we the run the news,
Got the shiniest shoes, fuck the owners, we New, (we knew, we knew it all along….)
Track Name: BENNY FRANKY [Prod. by dustfingaz]
I hate how paranoid drugs make my friends,
Skintight satin on satan's sisters, spreadin' sins,
Finna do what sharks do, and slash fins till fin,
Get mine before the end cause only I decide if I win,

Been on the boat floating out of cold harbors,
Sharp like barbers, write like influential authors,
Bought her everything and she want more,
Brutal the world we behold, frozen, not molten at its core,

Scoldin', sent to war soldierin', but more like Lennon,
John not Vladimir, revolver near so I get to smolderin',
Bolder than boulders hurled by the shoulders of Leviathan,
Riot in weather that aint full of pleasure, find rainbows and treasure,

Pepper thoughts salty and delusional, giggling with grim reapers,
Libras and some divas, smokin sativa till we see Shiva,
Reach the equinox fueled by passion picked out of the lock box,
Pandora's to be specific, hit a play that list's hits to unlock the shock,

I got the lightning,
Bottled up like jim bean,
Im franklin with his namesakes,
Benz and franks, american swank,

Grew up on the grime side, the New England slime side,
Staying alive was my job, passin piff as we ride,
Sent to this planet, ready to work out the womb,
Fix this bullshit, rise like King tut with his people ‘till the tomb,

Watchin moons get bloody while our eyeballs do the same,
Experience life while you inside tubin' my shit, think sane,
American rebellion, tell your friends and them,
Heiroglyphic solvin like I crack rocks, speakin gibberish, to fools it's the same,

Flashbacks on bowlpacks, reminiscing memories in fast forward,
Act rash and get irritated, thrown and dismissed quick young lord,
Tactics like I got a sword, but I preach peace like jedi with the force,
Never aggressive, thats a course for ship-wreckin',

Of course I was off course, corrupted like cop lore,
Stop war, attack more, clack for Mac's and Four Fives, no gore,
Im talkin lets get to eatin, breaking bread like each got a piece of the pie,
Feast till we reach the skies, dinin' with Titans, Zeus sayin' I can rise,

I got the lightning,
Bottled up like jim bean,
Im franklin with his namesakes,
Benz and franks, american swank,

Where's the action at?! I wanna be part of that!
Splat like Pollock's back in his studio, check better be fat,
Chick's ass better be fatter, (haaa) like that matters,
Trying to define what is real, but I keep being Israel,

Sinner swimmin' through gravy trains at turkey's dinners,
Idiots bringing me to places dimmer, but it was my fault in the end,
So here I am, unwashed like I need acidic cleanse,
Never need a medic cause I got my chronic chems,

Mend up holes thought impossible to fix,
Mysteries deeper than wormholes, lost in the matrix,
Neo but more apex, next level like next years Mac,
Practically liquid with the flows I spit on every track,

Coated with that potent wax, never wack on wax,
Blunted, coats weathered from them winters passed,
Timbers clash like wolves wondering who runs the pack,
Found in a maze, but escaped like the only lucky lab rat,

I got the lightning,
Bottled up like jim bean,
Im franklin with his namesakes,
Benz and franks, american swank,
Track Name: PolitiKKK$ a$ u$ual / ruby. [Prod. by BluntedBeatz & P.SOUL]
Been at it since VHS, since Cheney pulled the puppets,
Demo’d the republic by bringing down the towers, causin’ ruckus,
‘Cause U-S-A clan ain’t nothin’ to fuck with,
Straight from the motherfuckin’ Gov that’s busted,

Raised on that PBS till we turned 14 switched to PBR,
Grab the latest VCR at the local walmart, exit in your used car,
Get abuse from every corner, loose like stoggies out the carton,
Roof gone if your dad was a carpenter, mean he had a salary sparkin’,

So you get a car that looks like a Martian in a land of rusty workvans,
Crusty since store brand, cashin’ out only meant a night spent drunken,
Spunkin’ on the latest leash, got a boo but soon she’ll retreat,
So I sext preemptively off my LG env3,

Next night need a bright light, gin mixed wit sprite and two hoes who don’t fight,
Hype destroying ego’s that picture days better,
So I had to elevate my character or end up a failure,
Still pale in comparison to most my brethren,

Feel like a foolish freak in a land of the meek,
I be having to tell stories just to forget my follies,
But ironically, all I’m doing is logging it into history,
Been at it since I was pissed, since peasantry,

The recipe is to cook your own flavor, evolve like top pedigree,
Better breed a better breed before we lose humanity,
Not that nazi nonsense, I’m talking preachin’ empathy,
Bringing us together, I hate the stormy weather,

But ya gotta prosper in disaster, move like rafts swerve,
Mathematics absurd I know, just learn to flip your dope,
Cook up your coke and bottle it, be the next market product,
Then make off with your moolah, just don’t screw us like Madoff,

Awestruck, flow aqueduct, burn raw kush, this a cake walk,
Take off before two, arrive across the country before pillow-talk,
Mellow, known to stalk the shadow in alleys where demons walk,
Cautious, know to read the block before you spit any thought,

Maneuver like revolvers, rotatin’ when the heats up,
Beats me who could ever be better than me on the beat,
Stop frontin’, you ain’t nothin’, shoulda been nuttin’ on your moms and,
I’m a magician with the pen, inkin’ lyrical verses like I’m a Titan,

Trump the president, never thought I’d say that shit,
We got a reality star as the leader of the free republic,
‘Murica known to numb it, pop another Percocet,
But this time, you really really really outdid yourself,

Foamin’ at the mouth, frothing, then I rebound,
Pacing round n’ round in my iron cage,
Cracked the lock, stabbed the guard, escaped the maze,
Took a drag off the haze and soon life was amazed,

There’s always a higher level,
There’s always a bigger picture,
There’s always a sharper rival,
There’s always a better method,

Rap game tomahawk, they salty as an albatross,
Dusty like them bones in the closet of every boss,
Too much space so we boil more aqua,
Soften some noodles, burn like lava,
Spit cyanid and acidic, masterfully written,
Pass the shipment, under the influence of exotics,
Got more projects approved than you could think up,
Blink twice, miss the chance, FUCK! SHIT! Pay the price,
Maize and rice made ya nice in this maze called life,
But I be stickin’ to my proteins, huntin’ with the rif’,
Ain’t got a wife, don’t ever need one,
Cause my relation’s ship won’t be sunk by the government,
Oven mitts needed to handle my heat,
Bars platinum ingot, nuclear till they retreat,
I repeat the reaper don’t fuck wit me,
We ain’t run together since 2013,

Been floating off buddha, feelin’ like a Bentley,
Don’t need to drown in sorrows with whiskey,
Dropped the liquor and soon I got quicker,
Float like drifters off the doja I uplift my spirit,
Melted more pot than a blacksmith,
Since a teen been around that junk shit,
More H in my town than Houston,
But I stay on that green, mind lucid,


I deal in diamonds, not dirt,
Learned to slang luxury, sold my work,
Bold like a jerk and burn till I hurt,
Sold merch, no middleman, only source,

I been down like hell,
Deeper than where sub's dwell,
Tell on me and lower your stability,
Kill one of me and I guess death can free,

Mental can bend will of people lower,
Foes hurt, I dodge shots and hover,
No time for a buffer, only 4k in my pocket,
Gotta rocket till I get light without a socket,

Crock of shit infectin the melting crockpot,
Crack cigarillo shells, fill em with smelly, spark pot,
The adversary is metal, gotta melt em out the dark spot,
Risin and raisin an army, hopin to find the master key to unlock,

Mysteries and conspiracies,
What is real? Just what you see?
Surfin webs, eyes redder than ruby,
Tryin to get to the bottom,
Can you ever find it? Where's truth,
Perplexed, lookin for the real perspective in the booth,
The matrix, hopin for a glitch to reveal,
Xfiling, in this land I'm a sleuth,

Born to babble over basslines, tippy toe on trombone beats,
Lawn is where I'm home, grown more herb than a spice chief,
Got nice kief, some icy fleek and a girl neck deep,
Whether a Lex' or a Jeep, you know I still got my wet feet,

Dipped in the trash bin to see what it's about,
Almost got herpes, a baby, and hit by a bus blacked out,
Time to reframe the construct of my brain,
Hit the strains till I stopped dabbling in the dark side,

Skywalker, ready to bear light like xenons in my ride,
Got a Xena on my side, she got pheromones and leopard on her hide,
Unzip the pants, close the eyes, get high,
I fly like Voyager, outside the solar is where I reside,

Supplied up off cherry pie, sour D and blue dreams,
Give her my sour cream and conquer my hoop dreams,
Supreme on the laptop like I'm tryin to chill with ASAP,
Or OF, dont notice, so I stay focused till I got my own shit,
Track Name: Munkin' [Prod. by AzBeats]
Munkin' on the slant, skankin’ wit' skunk blunts,
Rejected by the monks, sniffed litter, no runts,
Stiff liver and whiskey punch, hit it like a punt,
Dodgin’ cunts and the cruelest, I ain’t anyone’s lunch,

Got hops like Jordan, Hoffa like I’m sworn in,
Made man gettin’ awarded, got fam like Mormons,
Dippin’ west of wardens, sharpenin’ cause I swordsmen,
Hops in my hand, diligent to be militant (mannnnn)

Bilin’ the rent to your ‘rents, you ain’t an adult yet,
Bath salts in a math cult, meth then they catapult,
Numerology and astrology runnin’ their brain vaults,
Never stoppin’ till the 5-0 at checkpoints yellin’ HAULT, (no, GOOO!)

They’re insane, but not at fault, rather America’s wealth,
Causin’ overindulgence, splittin’ families, all lackin’ good health,
All pack’ Macs and gauges 12, for ages 12 and up,
Hell for the young pups, only thing they hopin’ for is luck (damnn)

Twist up some veggy, but keep dat reggy,
Feelin’ like a marley, roasted till I see Christ n’ Farley,
Rice and barley, gotta keep feastin’ till I be the Chieftain,
From the East End, now I’m left side beastin’,

Rap strategic, don’t need to be deceitful,
Out the woodlands, ain’t trying to be regal,
I’m trying to be me! Find myself and fly free,
God walkin’, but know I’m as mortal as a bumblebee,

So I sting while I’m here, spread my pollen on all the fe’s,
Sheesh, I delete enemies by the heat seek missiles I unleash,
Beast cause I been wrecking these ancient trees,
Meant to be greater than what I currently see,

Strivin’, keep on drivin’, glidin’,
Mindin’ my own business to reach success,
Till I get the press, what do I think of it?
Too much stress, order more cess,

Throwback to Cadillacs and Air Force 1’s,
Tokin’ homegrown thrown in illegal Cubans,
Fluent in flows, got that fuckin’ ocean motion,
Rushin’ through like I’m playin’ roulette casually,

I ain’t off and on, I’m often on,
Known to spit intricate, drop bombs, [explosion]
Loose like a cannon, spendin’ more than ransoms,
For children of mansions, style so random,

Need no more killings with handguns,
Thinkin’ violence is the answer, only increasin’ victims,
Phantoms havin’ tantrums, gotta find peace without a piece,
From the Northeast to the Middle East, we need empathy,

Best to increase free speech to build a better breed,
Seeds of destruction lead to what…. (GOTTA STOP THE GREED!)
Rise like rational investments, but attack to get gains like risky stock,
Pissy off the Henny so my dick does the talk, got 15 on the clock,

Humanity needs to find a better way to be,
Gotta stop the need and hate, terror and jealousy,
We meant to be one love, one tribe together for infinity,
But since my…. life’s been odd lately,

life’s been odd lately,
Track Name: unanswereds [Prod. by False Ego]
Inbox full of unanswereds,
All I been doin’ is gettin’ high for weeks,
Inbox full of unanswereds,
All I been doin’ is gettin’ high for weeks,

I know I got so much love back East,
They always askin me why ya gotta go?
I know I got so much love back East,
But I gotta make my place in this world,

Know free time is just wasted dollars,
Not divide and conquer, but define and empower,
All my work is written in a terrifyingly high cannabis stupor,
Drink coffee like water, flow so show stopper,

Mind moves like a typhoon,
Already done nine times what you do, by noon,
Feelin’ lavish, swimmin' in liquor lagoons,
Quicker to soak ya than a ragin’ monsoon,

Have you ever watched your own movie?
Meditated and analyzed what you’re doin’?
Dosed deep till your ego’s dyin’,
Tryin’ to find the groovy version of me,

I’m way beyond,
Way Beyond,
Wavin’ on,
I be too beyond,

I know I got so much love back East,
They always askin me why ya gotta go?
I know I got so much love back East,
But I gotta make my place in this world,

Ain’t stoppin’ till they call me the white Vinny Stape,
Rockin mixtapes way back in ’98, predicted my fate,
Execute an eighth than dive in like a Summer lake,
Heard of a murmur that I’m great, made that rumor take,

In my hood, I’m the light in the fucking dark,
The torch, ain’t the shadow ‘round the spark,
Taught to flourish before my veins don’t course,
Fuck the middleman cutter, only stock from the source,

OG Kush till I slip outta consciousness,
Only reach for levels of astonishment,
Ben Frank of the 21st,
Been tank since my 21st,

Life is a labyrinth,
Remain above average,
Way too savage,
Beserk ‘till I crash it,

I know I got so much love back East,
They always askin me why ya gotta go?
I know I got so much love back East,
But I gotta make my place in this world,

Inbox full of unanswereds,
All I been doin’ is gettin’ high for weeks,
Inbox full of unanswereds,
All I been doin’ is gettin’ high for weeks,

I know I got so much love back East,
They always askin me why ya gotta go?
I know I got so much love back East,
But I gotta make my place in this world,

We’ve all got a different story,
But only one of us is the bestseller,
1 in 4 mill chance you’ll ever have a billion dollars,
So start practicing, your rivals already better,

Smokin’ like a rasta, aligning all my chakras,
Top of the line like signatures,
An enigma like a see-through figure,
Peer through what’s different,

Coppin’ like Columbo, dope like Don Vito,
Colombian duffel, probably need a fuckin’ muzzle,
Outer orbit with the Hubble, bout to pop, bubbles,
Flowin’ like a wave that’s ready to crumble,

I rap about my history to get my story in it,
Most these fools rap about their current shit,
Outlaws snitchin’ on their own hustle,
A bunch of loudmouth fools that make ya chuckle,

Got Benny’s so ya know it’s custom,
Down Henny ‘till all I see is redrum,
Cannabis always excellent cause my florist got a greenthumb,
Keep dat lean son, tokin’ oak wit my day 1’s,

Godamn, my girl’s ass is mean dumb,
(yummm….) Time for some fun….
Gotta fight the apathy of everyday,
Chase those emotions of feelin’ great….
Track Name: Eastland [Prod. by Sensi & Havoc]
Back in the bush with the muthafuckin rebels,
Gorging on only the greenest of vegetables,
In the east where the sirens always flicking, [SIRENS]
Better get yo bucks, you know the clock is ticking,

Pickup the puff from Pat’s parking lot,
Dodge the squadron, cops out for pot,
From the north where the scold is taught,
So cold you fought for you life to be hot,

Started in da backseat of my Momma’s volvo,
To the yellow bus, slidin’ in your sisters holes,
To the Concord, back n’ forth between the Bean and Bangor,
To sayin’ fuck fear, flyin’ coast to coast, still my own manager,

Ancient stories to spit like I’m an Amarzi,
Seen things that changed my optics quickly,
We got 9 year olds executed in Chicago,
Bullshit from coast to coast,

Dippin’ the Ops,
Tryin’ to stay out the Cop’s thoughts,
Dippin’ the Ops,
Tryin’ to stay out the Cop’s thoughts,
Back in the East,
Where flesh is what they feast,
Beast, Beast, Beastin’,
Back in the Eastland,

Speakin' shit short dudes shouldn’t,
Shit that’ll get you shot for a dozen,
Shit any man will do ya dirty for 5 digits,
So keep your mind rigid and eye’s widened,

Raised in the wild where they all might be gun totin’,
So everybody around me got their own totems,
It’s like inception, with no escape!
Gritty from gravel roads and cement streets that scrape,

Rawer than barley straight out the grain harvester,
Soul burnin’ hotter than an arsonist vs. an officer,
Cough cannabis and force liquor down my liver,
Bathe in cig smoke and hope our lives are chipper,

Then back on the west side west, left side, yesssss,
Left the rightcoast, the cold folks from the Eas’,
Beast is what they teach,
Now I unleashed that in the land of the nice beach,


Preach like Jesus, but spit that ether,
Got that reefer flow, no more weepin' woes,
Tokin' dro till I crack the deepest codes,
Atop a soapbox yellin revolution, duckin scopes,

They'd pop the Pope if the opportunity presented,
Evil people with priorities to do deadly deeds,
Mr.Doesn’t-Do-Right, right hand got a henchman,
Greedy wit the gold grills, suits wit the coke thrills,

Bleedy got the nose doin' drills, get in line for lines,
Mind crossed by rhymes tossed in trash like graphics in Minecraft,
No time to pass but the present, laugh off the grass till it's in the past,
Stash the ash in a plastic bag, that's how america views YO ass,

Choke on that hazard, get woke ya baby, stop sleepin, no more naps,
You get snores when you’re dead, so mutate what you lack,
Grew veggys at my parents shack, used those to elevate my pack,
Adapt and got adept, mastered my craft, then got a left coast pad,

Repeat a 3-peat like MJ, but mixed with Hemingway,
Hellish payments for your sinful entertainment gains hate,
But addiction never an affliction if you got 8 digit income,
You a libra with a fever to teeter on the edge of seizures,

Been done with the divas since Cher had a daughter,
Peek oil and shiva, all the hippies talk ‘bout 'cept psychedelia,
Type to get a felony wit ya, best friends to the end of ya,
But the clever thoughts lack in the festival pack,

Unless you take your abstract and put it on track,
You just a wack muthafucka with thoughts, no back,
Need a spine? Burn the pine, rhyme like Einstein in his prime,
Dont recline just rocketship, put your ideas in the mix,

Get out there and do it, Nike knew some shit,
Dont small mind, blew up like cruxifix,
And yes thats past tense, make no mistake,
If it's written in the times, you already did it,

On some shamanistic vision quest quips,
So don't worry, do you whats your merry,
Quit workin for the pricks and the jerk with a smirk,
Follow your path and fulfill your fate, destiny to usurp,

Young King of the Times, bearer of the lightening like Zeus,
Lime-faced residuals, burn the broccoli till I climb Nepal,
Well thats where my head at, God in the walking flesh,
Walking dead if you abusing Gaia, people, life or their desires,

Child of the prophecy, prophets/profits chose me,
They taught me love and all its meant to be,
Fuck the fear that rises from the enemy,
So I spend every minute fighting like Socrates would be, (Till the end of me….when they poison me)
Track Name: Trying to Sound Black / TRAP-EASE ARTIST [Prod. BluntedBeatz & Young Raze]
They say you trynna sound black,
Just rap like you're white, rap like you’re white

Wake up everyday at 8:38, snoozed so I'm a lil late,
Brush my teeth with Oral B electric, 2 min late-r,
I'm in the shower, lathering with a loofa, fuck haters,
I be dancin and singing, gettin' prepped to get paper,

Then descend to my kitchen, eggos, eggs and bacon,
Oj to wash it down, feelin' no frowns cause my hands ain't dirty,
Glove up to drive one of my rides, grab Starbucks before 9:30,
Feelin' it then I take hit off the spliff and the rest of the days lit,

Pay raise on the horizon, savin' like I'm bankin',
Maven of my lane, cause college got me connections,
Never knew anyone who's had to visit corrections,
Only problem in my year is how to minimize tax collections,

In fact, I don't know if I've ever faced rejection,
Just got deductions, stackin' till fat pensions,
When I retire I'll still have 20 years of fire,
My whole life is a paradise to be desired,

They say you trynna sound black,
Just rap like you're white, rap like you’re white

But that isn't my life, they say I need to sound more white,
But that isn't what I've seen, I grew up around plight,
Where days turn to night and still the pain don't take flight,
I been lost in a fight where sometime's I don't have the might,

But that's life, been goin' against the grain since untamed,
Childhoods spent dodging fools tryin' to smoke us out,
Hit my first blunt and bottle on the same day,
14 years young, got laid and since then all I chase is pay,

Never had a dollar for anything except narcotics,
And only the few who can stomach it can leave to start anew,
So few escape, it's a rat race in a maze where they all got the flu,
Brew up nothin', just buy brews to feel a moment of inclus-ion,

I ain't the white man, but I'm a white man,
Hate the sound of that fam, I gotta admit it man,
Used to be minutemen, now we evil businessmen,
Hard to sound more white, when they don't represent my life, (damn…)

They say you trynna sound black,
Just rap like you're white, rap like you're white,

Doubt it? We used to stash pounds under the couch,
Didn't tell our P.Os about it, popped a perc for a slouch,
As you ran paper routes, we ran routes for paper,
To turn into acres of beasters to destroy like reefs were,

16 packin' reefer, slide into your sister's keister,
Then dip, dive, and reup from the neighborhood dealer,
Some grungy 35 year old, ritalin lovin' fiend tryin' to break even,
Stay cautious cause the foolish surround and they get tweakin’,

OD's at every party, liquor, pills or worse,
Pick your poison or don't and remember realitys a curse,
At least that's how we saw it, cannabis to numb it, jacked a purse,
At every party, so we could thaw out, chill off the stolen lout, (ganjaaaaa)

Dont fuckin cry you pussy, bitches dont pout,
Move out like a squadron, hidin' from the sirens,
They knew our license plates, our parents and think they knew our fate,
Well fuck that, see I'm just sounding like me, I ain't from a rich state/place,


Rap game patriarch, but bitches call me daddy,
Latchkey kid from frozen boonies, tuned in after I went looney,
Smokin’ cannabi, eyes red as Satan’s thigh,
Please reply so I can multiply my stacks 3-fold high,

Gimme those beets and I’ll serve you up with dinner,
Flow sweeter than sarsaparilla,
Shouts out to the Pro’s/prose Era,
Caught a glance of God in the mirror,

Syrup sippin’ ain’t for snappy quick me, (nonononoon)
Rapid rap liquidly similar to liquid LSD, (cidcidcidcid)
Va nquish foes in one swipe, I delete, (swipeswipeswipe)
I repeat, don’t fuck with any of me! (memyselfori)

Squadron tight like battalions deep in war,
Death don’t stop us, we’re deadpool poor,
Said to rule nothing but the order of our chores,
Slaves to the stash, ready to even the score,

Rhianna: "I was good on my own
That's the way it was,
I was good on my own
That's the way it was, way it was,
You needed me
Oooh, you needed me"

Losin’ weight like movin’ freight,
Upgradin’ ‘till I meet the highest state,
The pious trait leads to a hopeless fate,
When you’re surrounded by humans, they all ain’t so great,

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