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This is actually a 2-disc/album mixtape, featuring 8 songs on IDKbyIDF my newest project, and my until-now-unreleased concept mixtape: SATIVA. They are both psychedelic, new-school hip-hop rap mixtapes, with all 24 songs written and performed by me, with sample-heavy dusty beats, and influences of reggae, funk and electronic music, from a variety of producers. The first 8 songs are IDKbyIDF, the other 16 songs are SATIVA. Both of them in their entirety for the first time.


released September 3, 2015


all rights reserved



Izreal San Francisco, California

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Track Name: M.A.Z.E. (Mother Art Zones Everybody)
Im trapped in a maze and,
It aint amazing
Tryin to find the right equation,
To get outta this place man,

Cause Im a displaced man,
Depressed since a lil ram,
Aries incarnate, god of war fam,
But Not a big vid game fan,

I mean I scuffle, I battle,
I ramble and rattle,
Spit infected like sick cattle,
My bic flicks hot while I travel,

I grapple granite rocks,
Flip it, sell it to crackpots,
Dabble in dabs, nail up my pot,
Metal in the mental, music vinyl,

Chill with complaining winos,
Dip out the back tho, pack dro,
Smack my ladys cheekos,
Fly with the crows, comfortable in black,

Sit in the back only if theres a paid driver,
Rather control the flow like superheroes reroutin missles,
Pistol to the president of any gov tryin to simmer us down,
I gotta a pound of green that says we'll tea party any crown,

Teabags in the lame's sound,
Dip in and attack your town,
Slip gin to the masses till they flip up their fuckin frowns,
Im a crook with good intentions on road paved with clowns,

Corpses lining up cause they hear the barkin of the hounds,
Blacken eighths through the brown, confusion found,
Nonsensicality surrounds like music in our reality,
Fallacys are all my eyes have ever seen, think deeper lil C's,

I aint talkin caesars pizza, rise like caesar,
Dip the stabbins like chocolate strawberries,
Bloody in a fury find the focus in a hurry,
Eyes red and blurry from oilys, fight with the jury,

Hype is naive it gets scared real early,
Ya gotta pray to passion, solidify your soul,
Tac your story to universal timeline, unfold,
Into a better existence, ignore negativity's persistence

Pistons all bottleneckin, like this goose i got sippin,
Like lately my mentals been slippin, skippin,
Drippin into a dreamscape, a place where jordsn and pippen
Are amateurs and the best cant even be fathomed by men,

Mud splattered in the pen, paint like J. Turner in a fervor,
Dabs get riggin and I lather myself in this yliquor,
Shimmer in spaces where most become misfits,
A storyteller from a place that hates their stories, tryin to escape hell,

Fell below where caves are found,
Tryin to fly up where light is profound,
This my announcement, Im here forever ladies and gents,
Wisdom like ents so my mind forever solid like cement,

-Pause? Sound of money ringing in cash register

I've been slipping past blue suits since before I was 16,
Now I got handed millions, whats that supposed to mean?
You dont earn luck, its random events, evil or serene,
Seen moments almost get murderous, now I got green,

It got flipped, bloodied red noses to greenbacks overflowin,
Ive always been one to know i dont know and,
It kept me goin like rollercoasters derailing,
But this a blessed event, and its hard for my mind to understand that,

Always faced the black, knew nothing was around the corner to save me,
Now maybe Ive been graced with more than I deserve, but lately,
It seems I got an opportunity to turn around my community,
And this time depression cant even stop this rapid progression,

Went from a rat in a river to a cat with a quiver,
Aiming then gaining all his means like lumberjacks amongst timber,
Im limber with my lips, spit intrinsic and matrix quick,
Scamper as I jumpstart your jynx, reprogram the jammer,

Space jam that, Im Jordan, wearin his kicks, then scorin,
Computer hackin, I'm Snowden,
Got techniques, so like Texas, you fold em,
I could scold ten men while you fright durin night, gangsters make ya glands swollen,

Never been this happy in my life,

Its not from the money in my bank,

Or the all the dank im gonna use to my house stank,

Nah that aint it
Whats it really about
Whats it

Passion and your soul, vision and your prose,
Tippytoe on a barbed-wire slack line, pine dro,
No denying any giant foe, slummed with slackin bros,
Doin lines of blow till their ears explode, while I gotta go,

Chasin' concepts and dreams,
Never cash, liquor or girls who arent a queen,

Never been this happy in my life,

Its not from the money in my bank,

Or the all the dank im gonna use to my house stank,
Track Name: MAOeye
A year later with my girl, but its only felt a minute,
Known her longer than that, but still dont wanna quit it,
Fit into molds that werent previously there,
Flow with my hands through her brunette hair,

Her womb worth 3 billion, but her body priceless,
Her mind my vices, addicted to intellect in a princess,
Been shinin' like she spinnin' in a sun dress,
And no matter how dirty we get, we clean up our mess,

Out livin' our quest, outlanders lookin for their treasure chest,
Measure up to be the best, conquer any form of chess,
Only work for the opposite of getting less,
Im gettin sore, but no matter the pain she still makes me soar,

We fly like falcons side-by-side, in the 'finder we ride
Blow vine like that app that burned up, never hide,
I smoke till I glide, I rap like Im the tide,
Flow impeccable, any adversary who faced me died,

Love is just mutually assured obsession,
We wanna blow up, but don't want destruction,
Comets aiming at each other, flyin' with attraction,
Magnetic not a necessity, we strong with passion,

Your girl's about that Prada, while my girl is Inanna,
The original goddess, OG to you lil B's, I dont even want ya!
Just her and no more till forever and more,
My love kinglike, King Tut or Tuck Everlasting evermore,

I like flowers n shit, you can call me gay,
But I get more pussy than a lesbian gang,
On my drake ish, battling dragons for damsels,
Damn this hell, so I escaped, found a new way to live well,

I throw my wish in it, swishers and swishes gettin lit,
Listenin to weezer, gettin my honk on real quick,
Radio station switch, hear hip hop and back to spit,
Unload clips underwater, capturing the kill gettin hits,

Surreal and psychedelic, the only way to see truth in this,
Reality a matrix, but everyone know's that, so gain consciousness,
Elevate with piff, love harder than a maverick,
Ball harder than Magic, my girl badder than Braun, biiitch,

Love is just mutually assured obsession,
We wanna blow up, but don't want destruction,
Comets aiming at each other, flyin' with attraction,
Magnetic not a necessity, we strong with passion,

Tryin to make it cooler to not be the shooter,
Children, ya gotta strive to be lovers,
Dont shoot and duck for cover,
Rather collab and spark swishers till ya hover,

After our last supper, I had her screamin out 'JESUS LORD',
Dick stiffer than a board, but mind opposite of bored,
Got connects like chords, plug in the amp, play the chords,
Short of being noticed never, cause I measure up before the morgue,

Gorge in her gorgeous state, eatin peach like Georgia state,
Thought poor was the fate, then got flipped like a chicken bake,
Sippin ale till I ache, made out of what starts earthquakes,
Ready to topple towers and burn interstates,

Slap a baby, crash a car coked up for my lady!
Yoooooo, chill, but im saying im got the energy,
Kiddin around but honestly love her like the Earth loves the sun,
Spun around children havin' fun, all the adults wanna do hun, (just relax...)

Love is just mutually assured obsession,
We wanna blow up, but don't want destruction,
Comets aiming at each other, flyin' with attraction,
Magnetic not a necessity, we strong with passion,

We love then we die,
We crawl then we fly,
Begin then we end,
Darken or ascend,

Love her like I loved my mongoose bike
Love her like I loved my mongoose bike
Love her like I loved my mongoose bike
Love her like my mongoose bike

Never met a soul like you in all my life,
With a warmth like an Autumn morning's light,
Guiding me like Luna's rays through the night,
Eyes like evergreens as deep as oceans,
Peach skin to surround the intelligence within,
I want your whole spectrum like you're shining through a prism,
And my mind's always locked on you like a prison,
But I wish to be incarcerated by your faces,
Even after three years of knowing you, my heart still races,
Days without you get weighted, like a mouth that's tasteless,
Wasted when I'm without you, still in love with this goddess,
Just some words for the only
woman I'd call my own if I'm being honest,
Track Name: war
Mining through the past, vinyl record math,
Musical wizards on a warpath, we gon' last
Back to the cave like Batman and Robin,
All my disciples trying to solve life's problems,

I smoke weed like I'm tryin to seek truth in nature,
Goin deeper than plato at his table writing fables,
Or rather i only pen what's real, in a sense so weird,
Consciousness veered off from the normal, grew a beard,

Seeing whats beyond the foggy mind of the Seer,
Mystical, crackin cryptic codes faster than ya crack a beer,
Smack out the fear, rise up like a Phoenix amongst peers,
Teen angst leads to anger and pains, but find the cheer,

Rockin stadiums like gladiators in the heat of battle,
Rival a rebellious king that took the fuckin capital,
Snatchin purses, snatches and snappin door latches,
Im the idol, cause of practice, now I flame like matches,

Hit the mattress, (its war!)
This an attack on all rackets,
Pack it like loud in pockets,
Tommy gun on all my prospects,

Kept my eye on the light like i only chill around campfires
But still haven't found my way out the dark like the night lingers
I got my mind on things that you could never picture,
Drifter, but writing manuscripts legendary, history I sticker,

I got an eye for art and all thats beautiful,
Lyrically as cryptic as the eye of Ra feelin Satan's pull,
Hate in full and feel the negative bull,
Shit, im dodging it, while sonically mastering quick,

Know the feeling of being the last one picked,
I too have felt that shit, but then I got lit,
We're all just trying to get what our parents didn't,
So evolve or die, mannnn ya gotta sink or swim it,

Give me a task and I'll complete it,
Give me a challenge and I'll defeat it,
And I like long walks on the beach, dont give a fuck what u think,
My life is mine, fuck all that dont think,

Hit the mattress, (its war!)
This an attack on all rackets,
Pack it like loud in pockets,
Tommy gun on all my prospects,

They think i dont listen or understand their sit',
Im unemotional cause the numbness lets you stand it,
Sounding like a xanax addict, but just man at it,
Tryin to explore higher levels, stuck slashed by manics,

Panic in disaster end up a follower of pastors,
Rasta with joints fatter than chatter we have here,
No one can be trusted, just hoped for and forgiven,
Tryin to find a balance between a pushover and a bully,

Straight skully on the beat, skeletons at my feet,
Murder lines like keith richards snortin his father, RIP,
Sorry to all my wrongs in the past, tryin to be positive,
But all i see is the opposite, gotta move forward, cant quit,

Quick and with wit or end up lost in the nonsense,
Been through moments tense like knives through the dense,
Backstabbers cant be cleansed, gotta face the karma,
Try to make amends, but you turn when the road bends,

Hit the mattress, (its war!)
This an attack on all rackets,
Pack it like loud in pockets,
Tommy gun on all my prospects,

You like a pistol with no trigger, (no bang)
A pastor with no passion, (no drive)
A pyro with no fire burnin, (no fire)
While I squire to sire, im earnin!
Track Name: corrupt
So lately the cops got quotas, collecting criminals,
I thought you were supposed to be protecting our peoples?
Occupy was our jesus, drumcircles our steeples,
Tryin to move forward, but constantly licked by evil,

Lookin sick spittin grit in my mommas mirror,
Tryin to get out like moses, save my people, im the savior,
Octavius, poppin Os for the clitoris, sativa by the O smoker,
Focus like a Spartan soldier, martian with the rhymes I offer,

Off the top puffin crops by the acre as I plot,
To the top like rocket ships, i rock it when my pen dips,
Then i slip into wavelengths outside your brains shit,
Got more wit in one vein than you do in your whole unit,

You got spoonfed bullshit, i read books and outsmarted ya clique,
Tick tock, tick tock,
ThAts life counting down while you rot in one spot,
Gotta move, agility like a self-sufficient ambitious seed,

Act like a self fulfilling prophecy,
Will power cause i managed my psychology,
Didnt need psychiatry, just some trees,
To put my mind at ease, (my mind at ease)

My mind at ease, no anxieties,
My mind at ease, no anxieties,
I dont know, my philosophy,
But still truth is all i can see,

Gangsters out flippin bags like garbage, collectin currency,
While banksters sit back and flip the actual money,
The federal reserve isnt under watch by uncle Sammy,
Every single dollar bill just an IOU to a private company,

We'll be left in squalor if the people dont squad up,
People more worried if theyre doin enough squats for their butt,
A bunch of kardashian wannabees dashin for cash,
Lashing out on a destructive path, we need order fast,

But not the new world order led by corporate heads,
Off with their heads we cry in cities with gray skies,
Its the french revolution and we're beheadin the bad guys,
But part 2 is in america, this time we're burnin suits and ties,

Corrupt politics run this game, but soon receiving hollow-tips,
Follow quick and lead right through the wrongs and shit,
Left behind, nah just a messed up mind, so they disguise,
But truth is always revealed, cause real eyes realize real lies,

Act like a self fulfilling prophecy,
Will power cause i managed my psychology,
Didnt need psychiatry, just some trees,
To put my mind at ease, (my mind at ease)

Real eyes realize real lies,
So my mind at ease, no anxieties,
I dont know, my philosophy,
But still truth is all i can see,
Track Name: Westeros/NSA
Spittin as sick as multi-syllabics in 96,
Quick out the crib with bricks in my optics,
Eyes redder than chimney stones, burnin chronics,
Rap game Socrates with a major in phonics,

Drawn up into it, like the eye of storm in the Baltics,
Seasick crew so i gotta third eye brighten like I lit,
Puff piff till we reach a higher consciousness,
So focus on my eyes while I savage like the Nordics,

More dick than rich nixon, but not the personality,
Loose off the Henney gettin less put together than a fallacy,
I mean im offtracks, derailing like I was made by the wack, (rather)
I was made for the wax, dabs and drops i got, its a fact,

You lack, your souls hollow like a crack,
Youd rather flood in endorphins, shootin smack,
Lootin till I fill my bag, clawin like a crab,
Through this drab, keepin tabs on em all, but for all like open taps,

This for all my people,
Stand together, decieve the evil,
This, this for all my people,

Back at it like a muthafuckin crack addict,
Slap my hunny bunny, now she a jacked rabbit,
Harder lines to break than a smack habit,
You kill haddock while I aim for sharks, flow nautical tactics,

Naughty and emphatic, criminal but light guided out of it,
Shout outs to all thats tragic, lookin for a combat medic,
Help around the corner, just hold ground till the last minute,
Way past the start, keep goin, only question is when do I finish?

But look past it now, for now foes I diminish,
Childhood cynic grew up to fight the critics,
Please em all, cant do it, but the underground? Ill rule it,
New school shit, izzy the cool kid here, but fuego spit,

Waco texAs situations when the feds come knockin,
Kick in the door till we get more, they shoot the dog whos waggin,
Even invadin homes of those with station wagons,
Tame the kraken or slay it? I dont know, either way the nsa listenin,

N s a watchin over usa
N s a listenin to you and me,
N s a fuckin up us and ayyyee,
N s a lurkin over the usa

Under their control, those who got the petrol,
Kelp helps the soul float out of any type of flow,
Any second, Zeus could strike ya with woes, so keep on your toes,
Lighting ideas light the enlightened path I walk as the bright holds,

Tighter than chodes in keyholes, or rather opposite of that,
Mad scientist duckin normlacy till im labeled as a quack,
Pack up the caravans with slutty fans and contraband,
Rollin up ghostin like a fuckin haunted clan,

Mantra to open chakras, sip vodka with Alice and Wonka,
Chalice full of tonka, fucked up truckin down dirty roads in Toyotas,
Spoiled odor wherever by gang be, skunk smokin yodas,
Masters like gohan, puffin on hookahs in moon rovers,

Back at the grind like a new york nine on the pole at 9,
But im not stackin washingtons, my business is benja-minesss,
Fine me and ill decline the fee, roll through, relax and recline,
Find me wherever the weed be, unashamed asher of pine,
Track Name: Surfboards/Coachella
My tongue the surfboard that my flows ride,
I go rawer than Hyde after he becomes that Jekyll guy,
In a lowride goin 'bout 2-5, drive slow homie,
Pavlovian dummies runnin all around me,

Get fizzy like dirty, smokin sensi early,
Im the Jedi, sensei, titan in training, beast to be awaken,
Feast to be slayin', titles to take, im that victorious vagrant,
Filet the steak, smoke like 8 grams every time I bake, end rant,

Manage my money like Ayn Rand, and I aint randy around loose pants,
Scuba deep with a mob deeper, tonight I'll just sleep here,
My mind seeps in the weird, dank destroying 20k leagues under,
Sunder sativa, all the senior citizens say I'll do, fuckin dumbahs!

Give it back in spite like you spit in their fuckin sprite,
Turned night to light under a cosmic sky of an infinite war,
I put the pin on the whore, give the donkey a break, then light my torch,
Knifed the fork in the cross roads, spooned the troll till he let us go both ways,

Not bisex, im talking riding bicyc's,
Acid on a monday, split into parallel lanes of timespace,
Rhyme rate 'round the same amount of homeruns Ruth had,
In the booth I can be mad, be myself,

Not get sad, and gain some wealth,
Good cheer and great health to all my compadres,
Hookah full of guava, neckin on my girl till she gets my nectar,
Cray is this life, and in the way is the hype,

Dial the director, tell him my role needs adjustment,
Fussin when Im flyin, speedin and denyin what I spent,
Tents up around the field, newbies tense up,
But the groupies loosen them up, join the hub bub,

Bub it gets lonley in the bush, try bud, and have a bud!
Soak in manmade serums till you're nothing but mud,
Thought this life was a dud but suddenly opportunity rose like bud,
Photos of me knee deep in my cup, college drug daze,

All in a days work, and lately most people around me just laze,
Bake in the maze when the cheddar is just handed to ya,
But what about slaves that got the worth ethic?
Hand it to them, make their dreams become effortless?

Empathic, on the edge of doubt, cause reality has never been this big to me,
Sigmund Freud type thinking whenever the blunt is fried,
My brain in the skies like an eagle with 12 eyes, I've already died,
Shrooms manifested a hallucination that had me seeing myself on the outside,

IE i had an OBE, learned how to just be free,
Let go like your dog in Petco, met woes and said vamanos!
Im unstoppable, uncorked the champagne a second ago,
Foamin, frothin, top man with the boss plan ready to go,

Still the same by bluntedbeatz
I spread her cheeks like a crowd in Coachella,
Or moses with the waves, i surf em all fella,
Stumble out the fuckin door after boilin oils,
Spoil my gal till we walkin rich soil, rich souls so royal,

Foil my rivals plans, cause they aint aluminum,
Rather they weak in their stupid ass cranium,
Toiled many nights, felt worse than ruined toilets but still dreamin,
Luther in the booth here, both together creatin,

Heatin that work up like im the sun,
And i am, the prodigial one, shaded havin fun,
Faded off rum, slippin till im grippin funds,
Grillin all my enemies and enlightenin minions,

Got millions to get so give me a godamn sec,
Quicker than premature ejacs, spit so sex,
But in the sac for real I kill it from play cassette till eject,
Got a whole album of bubble bums Ive stung and peck,

Technique complex,
Welcome to the muthafuckin matrix,
Welcome to this fucked machine, (its..)
Cruel, cold and savage, ya gotta be bold!

I strike in the night like a villain with a knife,
Kife kief cannisters from cynics goin through plight,
Critical swipe against my enemies, lord of the light,
Kick it like fuck life! yolo smokin oxycodo's tonight,

In a rover eatin rolos, smokin blunts like burritos,
Eat out with the cholos, then stick it in my ladys culo,
Pollos hermanos type head honcho when i roll through, (gus!)
Goku type gangster, with a dash of loco and coo-coo!

Vomanos those fake fuckin foes, i make bills in booku,
Got the tint too, shading with hazey smokin greys,
That alien type, that rocks those 50 shades of flannel,
On the panel talking THE discussion, amber energy ample,

Grand will like a wizard on the highest court,
Im talkin jordan game 7, never fallin short,
Ballin like my callin was to swish it in the fourth,
Hit a rich porsche, turn it into a way to score,
I can rap circles around you,
Like a tree that done grew,
So I smoke older ones, get it? Im outside you,
Exhale rings, get golden, rise to new views,

Higher off a few magical fumes, warlock crew,
Cause we're wizards wit dreadlocks from the hills of blue,
Our war game on lock, but like yoda, peace before brute,
Dont tease or dilute, but got courage like Zeus,

Loot through bags of loose change and find no difference,
Between that and luxurious livin, 2 cents, prison or nonsense,
It seems the only 3 options, earn a pence, or use common sense,
Or street smarts earned defyin Commons 2 cents, it all dont make sense!

But you cant make sense of the nonsense,
Puff till we hoppin moon rocks, nugs dense,
Daily suspense cause everybody's a suspect,
Mic check then knife necks, out here earin respect,

Recollect the days when we had deficits,
Hepatitis sick or at least as long lasting spit,
Kid from the sticks, tryin to get checks,
Recollect the days when we had deficits,

Cant get spunk on my muthafuckin Coogi,
Unless i wanna get smacked by the ghost of Biggie,
Back on the houston sap, 'bout to crack like Whitney,
Shmurda lines like kennedy bodies, call me Bobby!

Got a hobby that oddly works for most whities,
Hype me and fields get more static than strong coffee,
You lack moxie, while im from the land of it,
Literally, im the epitome of just do it!

Fluent in fluidity with flows heavier than Mercury,
Im talkin density, thoughts deeper than magma underneath,
Sun come up and we sunder sativa, pack in the blunderbuss,
Suicide to the negative head, swirlin in a wanderlust,

You wonder lost, while i dont wonder about us,
Cause i KNOW there is us, products of cosmic dust,
Dont dip my pen in poison anymore, fuck toxic lust,
I just keep my one girl more stuffed than pizza crust,

Recollect the days when we had deficits,
Hepatitis sick or at least as long lasting spit,
Kid from the sticks, tryin to get checks,
Recollect the days when we had deficits,

Statistically Errors are 100% probable,
Meanin a stable life is probably improbable,
Everyone faces seemingly impossible obstacles,
And one day everyone of us will get too sick for the hospital,

But ya gotta keep movin despite death and vigils,
Got visions of being immortal, gotta shed the simple,
Tools put back in the shack where they belong,
Little to nothing can effect me, only big moves from here on,

Dig through the crude, actin rude in the nude,
While youre booed off stage, blowin blunts the mood,
I got the monster in the cage, poppin a few ludes,
Got dudes that'd wear you down, ashin kush in the car,

Lusty in the lime lush, preyin for hairless bush,
Light up the dutch, smoke like its my crutch,
But i dont play with a handicap, up to par and such,
Detect my flow and ill cancel your show like Starsky and Hutch,

Recollect the days when we had deficits,
Hepatitis sick or at least as long lasting spit,
Kid from the sticks, tryin to get checks,
Recollect the days when we had deficits,
Track Name: Get High
Volume at 11 from all these vegatables,
Greenery so loud like Rudy Huxtuble,
I flip my flows and my homegrown like reciprocals,
Get my residuals, then ridicule the laughable,

Go drink your danimals, eat your lunachables,
Change your pampers you baby, you're not even half-able,
While I'm Cain, additive like heroin in your veins,
Smashin the game till it screams my fucking name,

Israel! Got more appeal than a Miami Heat deal,
Traitor to my acres, Lebron with the pen of steel,
Stealin like I'm in the majors, but I lack papers,
So I stack stashes of papers made from hash you put in papers,

Gator colored skunk I puff while bass bumps in trunks,
Gunk I lived through, now I left that like it was acid bunk,
Duck it's life, watch out, catch the next flight out,
Scavenging like a scout for a meaning on this route,

Proud but never pompous, just humble and honest,
Tarnishing trainwreck till the trees are just tar toxic,
Box cutters to baffoon's optics, hijackin hip-hop's cockpit,
Karate kicking out carnivorous cattle, wearing croc's, givin no shit,

Low blow to the highbrow, they ain't the right crowd,
Catch air, smoke loud, only the passionate are allowed, (with me)
Don't be lackin wit, simple ideas never intricate,
Thoughtlessness synonymous with childishness, don't you know it?

Gain knowledge, conquer it's three forms, (hence)
The nature of it's being, it's cause, and it's influence,
Aspire, inspire and prosper further,
Higher than the highest geyeser, any mary I murder,

Been growin and gorgin on my gardens since my first growthspurt,
Oakhurst bones we burn, thick as the hoe's who hurt,
Fuckin Big boss Joe smirkin like a jerk, smack that smerk,
I'm outta here, pursuing dreams you left for a hungry man's dessert,

An Orc in the desert, roaming with no water with no effort,
Suriving times of free-for-all crime, start a riot,
I'll be in it, fighting for frightened men,
Attackin politicians with my prolific pen,

It's a fuckin dog eat dog world, and I'm the underdog,
Underground from the northern tundra, trees and bogs,
Droppin logs of lethality on anyone in this MC's vicinity,
On a killin spree till I get enough spoils to fufill me, it's Izzy,

More risky with my words than Chomski,
Noam/Nahm what I'm saying? I ain't fuckin PC,
You remember Rudy I was talking about earlier?
Well the grown up version, I'd fuck her till they buried her,

(haha) And I'm not even saying I'd marry her!
(Oh!) See in the land of the divorced, sharks, vultures and dragons,
Golddiggers prey and corpses get looted by poachers always naggin,
Who can you trust? In the land where under no god we rust, we're laggin,

Chokin in a clambaked car outside Reny's plaza,
Just tryin to leave the casa, so we lift off like NASA,
Grappler of the grip, but don't need a trigger to flip,
I skip on the dip, I'd just rather split up the piff,

Nifty, crafty, witty but usuallys acts all shitty,
To the congressional comittees I wish nothing but death to thee,
I risked on this open sea, now I'm gettin my return, my moby,
Ahab goin arab rage with a mag to these fuckin pussies,

Stand up, I'm young, but already manned up,
Rufio with the wooly dro, smoke the fooly blow,
I'll school ya in any subject, but I'm a dropout, Oh,
Who woulda thunk that, act wack and I'll fact-check you out,

Never flunked a test, never passed up skunk cess,
Never skip on an ass out in a sundress, yes,
I'm a mess, all over the place like a disgrace,
-Land, I'm the Elvis of the Emcess, it's the Ace, mann
Track Name: SATIVA: INTROspection
I don't get what they mean,
By great mind's think alike,
Cause all the geniuses I,
Know, only thought original ideas, ight?!
Track Name: SATIVA: ICON
Im tryin to be an icon, aint tryin to be like akon,
Make my hits, grab twenty mil and then its so long,
Nah fuck that, im in it till my heart beats flat,
Till im runnin victory laps with an L in my hand rolled fat,

Bigger sack than santas got, dynamite to your spot,
Blowin up like coke dust into hoes noses n stuff,
Hotter than the magma that buried Pompeii,
Lifes rozay, sippin bombay with my bomb babe,

Chillin in a chilly haven, sriracha and chili pepper variety,
Red hot like im addicted to californication, no sobriety,
Higher than the highest seat, my control legislative,
But i see no justice so Im runnin this like an executive,

Never stressed, emotions I keep em lowkey,
Villan findin the light like loki,
Or am I? Gettin loco off some locos till with the ground Im siamease,
Burn more cess than the steam pourin out of a protest,

Get off that hopeless you muthafuckin doofus,
Razorblade ruthless, cut through the vines stupid,
Climb rapid like rivers in reverse, guided by your cupid,
Love the only truth Ive ever seen,
Makin dreams lucid,

Teamed up with the putrid, puked flows like few could,
Not from the hood, but had mine on longer than Trayvon,
Strugglin since a youngin with the cops on coat tails so we runnin,
Like the jewels, like we killer mike and the jeweler, we got him!

Practicing sodomy with some white girls lackin daddies,
Smackin fannies till im out of spunk for the night, (babbbyy!)
She said it was so damn good she shoulda payed me,
Sinnin with a whore named laura in gomorrah, sodom and some flora,

Por favor bonita, pour me up some tequila,
Lets get our arms tangled like shiva, chokin on cheeba,
She yellin ARRRIBBA, while i eat her va',
Till she screamin no more and gives me applause,

Hints of gauze found in all my vases, clauses unheard of before my contract,
Bounty hunting on a rampage to ransack
villages by the pack,
Adolescent on attack to spur rivals to react wack,
Back from the future to guide you through the black,
Track Name: SATIVA: Knowledge Keeper
King of the north, frozen people even when its summer,
Youre stuck cant decide between a prius and a hummer,
You think thats the only option, but think outside the borders,
Break boundries and open minds, theres more than just democrat or republican,

Our republic cant keep goin this way,
Opposite of democractic if only the richest get federal pay,
Get it? Fuck these lobbyists, art school rejects i bet,
So now its revenge to the critics, us the US, makin us owe debts,

If youre slow to the lyrics, just know i hate current politics,
The richest get whatever they want, luxury horders,
While the only thing the poor gets, is poorer,
So its easy to say all the senators are whores, creating horrors,

But forward motion, we must prevail,
Overcome like martin luther and a fire in hail,
Not common like a fire in hell, i be at where mind's swell,
Ideas get ill, sickness penetrates the skull, ring the lord's bell,

Known as the knowledge keeper in these hard knocks,
Grew up stoned next to granite near Fort Knox,
Newcomer, the youngest elder on the council of lords,
The adolescent wise man, magician, the wizard or whatever,

Severin heads of rappers cause my bars so clever,
Drop em on em like anvils but unlike cartoons they arent made of rubber,
So they flop like opposite of flubber, while my pockets thick like blubber,
Hit the bubbler and soon it all comes together,

Feelin light, floatin like a feather but ideas heavier,
Cause my heads full of thoughts, but I strike like Mayweather,
Heavyweight hitter with a speed of a lightweight even in dark weather,
I actually go better, flow tougher, rougher waves but still got cheddar,

Met her, your girl, then took her to my world,
Tie dyes and psychedelic swirls,
Hype then unfurl, lost in the wind-whirl,
Merl-in the rap magician, goin up, collectin pearls,
Track Name: SATIVA: Kiddin' Around
*It's your interpretation*
Track Name: SATIVA: Titanium Blunts
Hooters the size of motherfuckin thumbs,
Burnin blunts thicker than titanium,
Always loiterin near low-income condominiums,
Uranium in my cranium, nuclear flow, it ain't safe for anyone,

My joints always pregnant like the teenagers around here,
All the girls got heartbroken and kept suffering near,
Roughin around with riders who don't shed tears,
All we do is burn bones, melt pots, drown in Beers,

A few levels above a Seer, it's Israel, fear better fear,
As I switch up my gears, shift up, zoom past peers,
Satirical on the mic, lyrical with a bite,
Sharper than the image you see before I stab you with a knife,

Needed glasses? Nah, but still passin honor classes,
While fuckin hoes in masses, slappin then tappin those asses,
I keep it g, genius, iknow I'm the product illest,
Of a generation who grew up governed by the richest, (fuckin villans!)

We got meth labs outside the Hampton Inn,
Where dirty pampers rest right next to the gin,
And sin follows the win, like wild flames follow the wind,
The only grad-uation my peers got, is con-grad-ulations, the due date's when?

Welcome to the real world, fuck it like a slutty girl,
Muddy quarrels I've been hurled through, but I made my due,
I lit my fuse, I mastered and enslaved my muse,
Bitch my eyes red like the pill I swallowed, fuck the blues!

5-0 encirclin, high, never low, pot harvestin,
Up sparkin like ARC weldin, I'm meltin,
Amongst these heathens, around the toothless I was teething,
Crawling from the sidewalk cracks to a place where King's relax,

Axe murder the jurors deciding my verdict,
Lyrics perfect, called cocky cause I haven't yet earned my respect,
Rapper threat cause I got intellect,
The modern michelangelo, Magellan of the flows, I never shipwreck,

I got every shade of flannel and rock aztec 5-panels,
From under the backboard to toppin the billboard until,
I got the underground in the penthouse,
From the basement to NASA shuttlin, it's the cheddar chasin majestic mouse,

Ace out in intergalactic space, burnin till based,
God why you do leave your children blinded by mace,
MASE is a reverend, everything's backwards in the race,
Out of place cause I puff purple turtle, but I hop energized like a hip bunny,

Laced up, shouts out to MGK, used to rock DGK,
Spittin like an AK, orator like JFK,
Assasinatin lines, dreamin like MLK,
RFK, I mean am I okay? Lookin around loaded, lost, JK,

Im on a fuckin mission to emit my emission,
Of vicious insane shit similar to the Vatican visions,
Titian the titan pushin his ventin like lobbyist propaganda,
But my ideas aren't black and white, I'm no fuckin panda!

I'm from where the skies are low like ceilings,
Grey clouds or white, we're always under suffering,
Waiting till OUR life's movie is done buffering,
Trying to load our emotions that're ruffling,

We're roughing around the edges,
Burnin more green than rich folk's hedges,
Ledges I tip over, as I sip liquor and smoke doja,
Trained in the dojo of the major mojos and came out loco,

SoCo sippin, socom stealth I dose, I'm trippin,
Lips numb, tongues hung, mind dumb,
Then I smarten up like a Spartan gettin charged up,
Black lung, green thumb, blue dreams and I'm done,

Hum to myself to make it through with better health,
Delt no death yet, cause my dealer's the realest,
Best cess east of the West, I blow bricks to de-stress,
I ditest these pests, the insects that infect, so ingest your interests, fuck the rest,

My lines are addictive as the addies my friends are sniffin,
My lines are as pure as the piff we're puffin, rum sippin,
With a young vixen lookin bitchin who's always itchin,
Lickin my dick and then ingestin the best RX in the generation,

It's the RX generation, art is my tech, my weapon,
My effin session is always filled with cess burnin,
Fiending for some freakin, I'm searchin to be geekin,
Seekin the psilocybin to be eatin on, the walls breathin,

The halls are bleeding like a legion grieving,
After a war in a region where they were greeding,
Over-stepping your boundaries, you're an idiot with ease,
Cause ignorance is bliss, but intelligence is the shit, Seize,

Up like a amateur who took a ten-strip,
I break boundaries, you slip up, look silly like Mounties,
Bounties out on me, infamy cause I murder lines easily,
All you rappers are aurderv for me, never a main course at any eatery,
Track Name: SATIVA: Savage
Makin the tec squirt till Ive built a network,
Risin higher than skyscraper tenant's net worth,
Line up like im the clerk, go to work, rappers are next to hearse,
Never been through the worst,while i have, Next up to be first,

Kill it like a kamikaze, Kawasaki motor-mouth quirks,
Only show you the truth like we the Young Turks,
The tongue spurt creations tighter than the bond of Ernie and Burt,
Easy on the cheesy, watchin my weight like I lurk,

Movin tons like freight liners, but my business finer,
Cocaine level Coach bag designer, gemstone miner,
Couchlocked in a recliner, bomb with 2 seconds on the timer,
Goin off like a terrorizing tiger, got fuego like lighters,

Got pesos like when pacquio versus any other fighter,
Mayweather may weather when facing my raw leather,
Skin thicker than an apex leopard, vapid off some vapor,
I meaaan, im rapid, spit classic with tactics thatre drastic,
The last of a dying breed, no fucks given to fame,
From a time before tumblr, hashtags and twitter names,
Rockin the gold and black krew sweatshirt on my back,
Since back when time was abstract, when all that mattered was jack,

Im talking nothin but shit kickin, drink sippin and gettin wacked by Jill,
Doin smack till it kills, thats what ive been around in my lil' vill',
Pill poppin since a teen, smokin nightmares, chasin american dreams,
In the clouds with pelicans lettin off steam, but only peregrines on my team,

The paragon of the paragraph,Only spittin fact,
Pennin truth like Martin in his youth on underground railroad tracks,
Newschool mack who took toadstools before class,
Then added ludes and crack before ODing durin codeine naps,

Most obscene with a lyrical knack to stop anyother act,
Foolish and ill make you drool and wish you had what i have intact,
Inbetween cracks where the buds rose like the moon in the black,
Runnin with an unpopular pack, weirdos that do dabs by the slab,
Thick ass cannons like were on Spanish galleons,
Firing broadside, gun sideways peepin out the lowride,
All my verses rawhide got hearses goin a slow 5,
Pull up to the graveyard, gorgin on some old pine,

Homegrown dope vine we heat while we dodging swine,
Aint gonna end up slaughtered like the sheeple and bovine,
Masses clear the way before i move mountains, make disasters shine,
Clothlesline the corrpt, hang em up to dry while in the mode: wine,

No complaining im saying i mean i sip crushed grapes,
Merlot got the cosign while hos get slow off the fine white chin',
Lines easily rhyme when the timing height is at its prime,
Synchronities like merging cities, its all just meant to align,
Track Name: SATIVA: Pulitzer
Mannn, motherfuck being like the needy and dependent,
Always lazin, instead i be takin chronic haze and blazin it,
Find me crumblin up cans of cannabis till kief, then burn that shit,
Im gonna earn that title of jedi master off this levitatin piff,

After the mornin light and the heavenly delight, i move quick,
Find me bein busy, buildin up my business in its infancy,
Dont need a receipt cause i make enough to say fuck it baby,
Get what you need, get what you want, we 3 steps away from lavishly,

From a famished family, we starvin to get our eat,
Hungry on a safari for currency and biddies,
Rap genius league cause my eloquence is excellent over melodies,
And ive been sent here to set you all free, open up, let it be,

I got a text message, and the sender was me,
I said you can do whatever you want, just believe,
I know you are a foreigner to faith, founded in logicality,
But have no fear, fallacy is just another word for reality,

Its make it or break it,
But see the key is you make it,
The decision, so escape that prison,
Expand your mind like light through a prism,
It can all be dark,
Or you can find that spark,
Impossible is possible,
Still possible to be passed by though,

So i gotta flow like Plato in a range rove,
Arson to aeropostle, im the imposter tokin cloves,
The jedi master in colorful robes, and a saber of dro,
Below no foe, im kingpin of this tightrope balance, lifes loco,

So you gotta burn ozos, fuck burnin the ozone though,
Green on my mind, clearly you can see im a young indigo,
the future's atlas balancin the globe on the head of a pin and doesnt slow,
Im built for this like im custom, but this naturally blossomed (ho!)

Row, flow, go through these rogue waves,
Cocaine brave but doesnt mix with blow, save,
-in dollars like a father for a comfy college for his daughter,
But bigger picture, thinkin like a mothafuckin conqueror,

Prodigy to pen shit that'll earn a pulitzer,
But right now talkin shit like a youth full of it,
Would have to sell my soul if I ever quit,
But I couldn't do that, so its all out till the end of this,

Its make it or break it,
But see the key is you make it,
The decision, so escape that prison,
Expand your mind like light through a prism,
It can all be dark,
Or you can find that spark,
Impossible is possible,
And I aint gonna be passed by bro!
Track Name: SATIVA: Her
Never in public, catch us in other peoples bathrooms,
Getting high, smoking like a broken vacuum,
Me and her go together like beer and Cancun,
Her eyes like the moon and the sun, sparkling in every room,

I lost track of doom when I met her soul,
Eclipsed by moments of ecstasy as the stars rose,
Energy for an eternity, could do anything for her,
Would hold her heart during sickness cause she was my cure,

Now shes my world, spin around her like luna,
Kick back and sip jack till we commit Kama Sutra,
For us karma isnt found here, loopholes we maneuvered,
Through, love and light our guides through this twisted zoo,

Up here with the beautiful views,
Chillin like a cocky cockatoo in the blue,
Hawk in the clouds for a few, now i got my queen of naboo,
Preyin for food, we out feastin together like families do,

I know this is it,
Could just lay with her for years,
No need for anything, no fear,
I know this is it,
Scale mountains just to see her,
Fuck the hoes, I just want a lover,

Scramble her eggs then on we move,
Ramble on drip drunken nights till we got smooth,
Backrubs and coughin lungs, orgasms till she loose
-s it, put the cat in the coffin, bump uglies but dont bruise,

Cause i choose you, the best of the bunch,
Smarter than a doctor but lust is for lunch,
She got the wild side right, tie dyes and red eyes,
And still classier than cleopatra, soul gold, she a prize,

Irises so emerald, mind so bold, soul so old,
But the spirit is youthful and the heart is young,
And that describes my hun, her beauty got me hummin,
Her booty got me hung, cummin till the next morning,

Gorge on her gorgeous state, guardian of the gate,
I blast through, enter with my trojan horse, checkmate,
Check out my mate, but im the only one she craves,
And out her I ate, my date and I creatin our fate,
Track Name: SATIVA: Flow
All I ever wanted was to make good music,
A fuckin artisan outkasted like I'm Andre's spit,
Used to be a Big Boi, rockin baggy walmart shit,
Mall carts stolen to fuck around with in as kids!

Now I train off wreck, athlete of mind and body,
Smokin herb, fuck tec's, elite like I'm a sign of godly,
But I was the always the ugly, odd freak, off key,
Nerdy, wordy, artsy fartsy, geek who stole car key's,

What?! See! I don't even get myself, but I keep my stealth,
Ninja with the ganja, fuckin ready to prosper,
Stompin out spiders, creepers, rats, and biters,
Drownin in 40s in a cypher, cause honestly I don't even like it here,

I just wanna write my prose, spit it on stage, and drink beer,
I sound like a fuckin queer, but I'm just a seer,
Looking for what's different in this world of shit pigment,
Cops lookin for intent, so I keep colorful, positive, not innocent,

And they say I can't flow, well fuck those hos!
Here I am, Sam I am not, but at least I got mojo,
Flowin, doin something you ain't tryin, Yo yo!
Inspiring, aspiring, you're just sitting tiring, keep hatin bro!

I'm from where most dreams die, but I know mine's gonna fly,
Mostly cause my people toke on that lethal lye,
No lies here just truth spit from three eyes,
Don't you know even a hooker doesn't deserve to cry?

Hi, I'm change, coming into your feeble brain,
High writing lines, so give me your change, while I sizzle strains,
Simple gain, just remain tame in this ludicrous game,
Feud with a few and you'll end insane, oh, and don't be lameee,

You're misconstrued, the freaks are the least rude,
Feud with fools, but never ever will lose,
Crude with creativity from gassed up fuel,
While I studied at the school of the toadstools,

Flow more chaotic than whirlpools,
Your're a sirly tool, I'm a skillful jewel,
Soulful will, even though I run with ghouls,
Mule work integrity, cruel on the mic, rulin emcees,

And they say I can't flow, well fuck those hos!
Here I am, Sam I am not, but at least I got mojo,
Flowin, doin something you ain't tryin, Yo yo!
Inspiring, aspiring, you're just sitting tiring, keep hatin bro!

Your flow is bored, like a plank, stiff,
While my flow flys like stank dank piff,
If I die, will I to the double z, y, see why?
Israel Fickett, is he real or did he fake it?

Emaciated, not just starvin, I'm way past a grace period,
Travelin' at a pace furious and delirious, check erowid,
I don't even know the drugs I'm on anymore, be careful kids,
Be wary of the thin line we walk, Johnny cashed all his relationships,

Sinkin as all my fuckin patience slips,
Doctorate brain losin his clients quick,
Defiant at odds most would just be leavin,
Even on the edge of the end, I'm breathin,

Speakin of the devil, I live on it,
My life's like the chronicles of a chronic chronic addict,
Automatic tactics we put up, fencing in our construct,
So our personalities don't match our realities, Oh fuck (I got too real..)

And they say I can't flow, well fuck those hos!
Here I am, Sam I am not, but at least I got mojo,
Flowin, doin something you ain't tryin, Yo yo!
Inspring, aspiring, you're just sitting tiring, keep hatin bro!
Track Name: SATIVA: Land of the Pill Poppers
I'm from the land of the pill poppers,
Where alcohol out weights the hunger,
Starvin for depths so much further,
Than here, so we burn reefer till we forget the psychos,

All my friends are neurotic till they got their narcotics,
Odd logic is they never asked for this shit,
Like a back-stabbing bitch or a hex-given witch,
I switch up for nobody, but they switched up for pills, said fuck sobriety!

I know what they mean, but I only fiend the green,
So my machine isn't lean, tryin to run off the fumes of gasoline,
Or promethezine, I'm trippin, but only to find my scene,
My soul, my heart, my body whole, Socrates with a dream,

I know I know nothing, but I know I know something,
Repeating the line tryin to find the divine in the rhyme,
Or a sign that I was meant to shine, is my purpose just to puff pine,
I said no to the nine, and picked up the dime, so am I fine?

So hock them pills, psychiatry is just your will,
Pick up yourself, feel the positivity in your health,
I come from a ville where it ain't the best,
But we say fuck the shills, burn cess and de-stress,

Where I'm from a guy named Chris killed his wife on Christ's day,
His christmas wishlist was pills and beating her till she lay,
Her kids found her, bruised more than an abused peach, she hurt,
Found dead, her life's work staring at her cold body, no way to turn back,

Urn's stack and head's crack in search of life's facts,
Ice pack to the lice-bags, numb the dumb with rum they clack,
Lip-smack that there way is better, but you ever seen other side?
Divorced parents fight with fists, kids hide and hope for fifths to save their lives,

Kill em all, they want to die to feel alive,
Hope they reincarnate, come back with a life so great,
But the hive doesn't work that way, play your position,
Make your pay, get back to work, and ignore the depression,

Burn it up with a cess session, learn lessons,
They say just be normal, I'm saying just act honorable,
In a situation so horrible, I understand why you take oral pills,
Hoping that adderal and prosac brings you back to top skills, (but they wont)

So hock them pills, psychiatry is just your will,
Pick up yourself, feel the positivity in your health,
I come from a ville where it ain't the best,
But we say fuck the shills, burn cess and de-stress,

A bonehead with bones in the head leads to bed,
But fill him with beer and rum and his anger turns red,
His face gets flushed, his fists get thrust,
His mouth is never hushed, and doesnt stop till he gets a bust!

Any of em, tits, cumming or cuffs, it's all fucked up,
You're rough around the edges? Like unkept hedges,
But here we're rough all over like granite ledges,
So all our heads are full of ideas, we got the wildest pledges,

Gives you that yolo-feel, that carpe diem appeal,
Never giving a fuck, cause why give one in a place that sucks,
I feel the ignorance, arrogance and non-sense,
Can't pay rents or for car dents, so we stay spent,

Living in the woods, but got no ents with endless intelligence,
Till the ends we're left our own stranded like forgotten men,
Stuck in the bull pen with the only way out bein a bic pen,
So I stick to my sticky, write about my wrongs in the land of the sickened,

So hock them pills, psychiatry is just your will,
Pick up yourself, feel the positivity in your health,
I come from a ville where it ain't the best,
But we say fuck the shills, burn cess and de-stress,
Track Name: SATIVA: Imma Boss
My generation just garbaged out, trashed, junking,
Tokin ganja, textin peers about the highs they're surfing,
Trying to be working, but that isn't fucking working,
Porking up off processed food, we're drownin like monkeys in monsoons,

Packing plentiful pot, netflixin cartoons,
Piloting my imperfect primal primate's platoon,
Dodging wolves, sharks and vultures,
It's the counterculture leader of these goons, (HAULT THERE!)

I'm from where we all forget,
How many people we fucked by 14,
Whores fiend for the d-hole,
And assholes manipulate sheeple,

So I smoke the soon-to-be-legal, reefer not evil,
Watchin weasels worm around, while these my people,
I got the crown in this town, watch me arm up and surround,
Rise and swarm with masses heavier than pounds of Radon atoms,

I wish you could see,
What I can see,
Sometimes you have to get up really high,
To see how small you are,
I'm going home now

Blueberry fields and meth labs,
Smokin heavenly good while breakin bad,
Walter White on a Whitman nature hike,
Hitman smokin a peace pipe, Iz with the wit he lights,

Up and down I roll through coasts profound, bound up,
Tied up in a system that doesn't give a fuck, then why we stuck?
Why we fucked if they hate us? Why can't they debate us?
Face us? They're lame sus, while I'm cool sauce,

Odd, cause in the face of danger, you're a stranger,
While I remain here, calm like dearmed bomb,
My hurt locker imploded, emotionally overloaded,
Wrote this quick so I get this shit out my fuckin head,

Karma is God, stop preying, start producing,
We got so much dichotomy here, cause everyone loonin,
Vroom vroom-ing in a mazda, perc poppin with actors,
Never paid or laid, I mean they two-faced, cause who aint?

I wish you could see,
What I can see,
Sometimes you have to get up really high,
To see how small you are,
I'm going home now

Back in the sticks where we flic the bics,
More heated than volcanos, lava flow I spit slick,
And my balls have grown real fuckin big,
Always hurtin for a chicken to be squirtin liquid!

An anti-Nixon, your freaky neighbor, it's Iz lasered off sabers,
Now I'm fighting Star wars, psychedelic horror of sort, acres,
Of cannabis caretakers raking in more dro than DEA know,
But shhh though, I just know I'm floatin pro of the prose,

You think you run with scary crews? I been to places you nighmared of,
So fucked up I make up words for the stuff,
Limited language, you may have, but I am abstract like Jack,
Son of the Pollock people, from fishin villages so illiterate its sad,

Wack's what most of my people are called, from the white man assault,
And I'M white? Made a right-turn to the left, saw the appalled,
But all I did was applaud, we're all on the same side,
Weird wanderers loving music, women and wisdom, soce-i- path or break ties?
My girl's a goddess, Aphrodite in the flesh,
Her mind got me on Cloud 9 after a cess sesh,
My best guess, we'll fess up, tonight we undress,
Under the sea with my mermaid, got flow so no mess,

Yes, i be that one, she be my only one,
Ive never been too much the lonely one,
Cause im casanova young, trying to get stung,
Fly with my bird, buzz with my bee in the sun,

I be like, i be like,
Like, like,
Just hit me when you need me,
Here till the end, dont deceive me,

Grieve me when I leave, in love we fall like leaves,
In autumn, warm colors brighten up a night in Gotham,
Heave and ho, run with heathens and forgot the hos,
Life in slow mo on this fast track to fat cash and love's mad dash,

Funk through the moonlight,
Skunk roastin in my room at night,
She my better half, saw her and was like ya better have,
Her, my second side, as a duality we stride,
Sun and moon, sun and moon,
Her eyes the sun and moon,
Sparklin, cant see no doom,
Only room to bloom flowers with fragrant fumes,

Zoom zoom zoom to better views, cozy off some smoke plumes,
Purple hues, purples hues,
Her soul got me shocked like a pissed off Pikachu,
Playin peekaboo with her coochie coo, play wit it like Roku,

Glidin down the ave like Clyde, got my shotgun filled with Bonnie,
Her body wasabi, spun like the hot one, shots of Sake,
Shotgun on her body, i mean she moves like iceskatin' hockey,
Nobody can stop she or me, we ride like champion jockeys,

Ancy like a caught Nazi, killin J's on a cot like its easy,
Easy peasey, lemon squeezy, gimme dat peach to please me,
Ayeee, just appease me, let it ease like Eazy-E,
Ill never pay pussy fees, especially with a gem like she,

Inanna and me in nirvana till eternity,
Earned a wish and got it granted by a Genie,
Genius in training, both of us,
Like if Einstein and Oprah fucked, (plus beauty!)


Lets assume we both cocoon,
She cuff me, And I let her, but no baffoon,
Fire in our irises, eachother we consume,
Groomin eachother till our days in the tomb,

Sun and moon,
She my sun and moon,
Take off the parka, cause out comes the Summer,
From the slummas infested with deer hunters,
Hunt or be hunted in the northern winters,
The course gets slimmer, tighter ropes to walk but golden road's glitter,

Narrow in these hallways I pass through,
Passin purple goo and emittin sickness like the flu,
Grew up where 14 is adulthood, 8th grader sippin brews,
Fucked a senior when I was a freshman, brewed to be crude,

Rude in the face of ridicule, chillin till cool,
Villain since aged fool, I mean age 2 I was terrible, weren't you?
Since then I've been tallying up my criminal case,
Rallying kids to spit in cop's face, the feds are a disgrace,

And the fuckin med's make your heart race,
Sedatives make the bass better so we chase cheddar,
Exchange for ex pills and anything with dopamine,
Codeine and Cobain, they're lookin to get Kurt, (WHERES THE COCAINE?!)

chorus 1 and 2
Chase Chester's Chicken with Captain Morgan,
Then throw it all up in the fuckin morning,
Soaring off sativa the second my eyes are opening,
Adoring this view, I'm practically fuckin orbiting!
Always find me with the funk players,
Skunk smoker, jokers, never sober,
The reggae clan I burn cannabis with,
Hip hop head who burns j's till they fizz,

I incriminate flows and smoke borderline legal dro,
Skip on hoes and find girls with souls made of gold,
Morals in god mode, lord of the awkward, now king till I'm old,
Lingerin till I'm bold, watch me fuck fame into my name,

SOLD! to the highest bidder, I mean I'm high, no quitter,
I mean hi, I just bought a ticket to the good life, I'm a spitter,
Droolin till the whole new school is on my cool, dumbfounded like fools,
Impounded by a system corrupted, my vessel is locked, I gotta break rules,

Lines more addictive than Esco-bars,
Body in a boundary dissolution, mind in the stars,
No headlights on the car, drunk drivin in the dark,
40 sippin with a girl tippin in an Audi driftin,

Park in the trailer with the boys, go ahead just crash,
Fuck it nothing does last, so go out with a bash,
Party with Mary, Molly, Morgan, Lucy, and Bacardi,
Watch your eyes get bloody, friends laughin, "dont die Izzy!"

chorus 1 and 2
Chase Chester's Chicken with Captain Morgan,
Then throw it all up in the fuckin morning,
Soaring off sativa the second my eyes are opening,
Adoring this view, I'm practically fuckin orbiting!
Always find me with the funk players,
Skunk smoker, jokers, never sober,
The reggae clan I burn cannabis with,
Hip hop head who burns j's till they fizz,

"Your the craziest son of a bitch I ever..."

"Exactly...I'm an American!"

Fools say that they learn by experience,
I prefer to profit by other's experience,
The wisest man lets others make his mistakes,
I'm great at that, eatin up sharks with my bait,

I lure them in, this is real life, no Jaws camera lights,
So I sure delight in this only moment we're in, to fight,
Dog eat dog and I'm the under dog, with the Mic bite,
But my mind's sharper than Carl Sagan's was, aight?!

So I'm not scared of lions, tigers or bear, (BUT WHY!?)
I don't cry cause they just lie, I see their disguse,
Rise above with my three eyes and fly sky high,
Misdirection my only real direction, to avoid detection,

Cause on the road to power, riches get sour,
Bitches turn to snitches wanting their own by the hour,
Cowards are all I see, while my courage towers,
Prowler with the proud pride, Iz propels and devours,

chorus 3
A name without fame is like a fire without flame,
So if you wanna be lame, go ahead and ignore the game,
But whether you play or be played, it keeps it's reign,
Take your chance or risk gettin your change taken in vain,
Find me with a 4-0 wherever I go,
O-Z's and ounces of burnt dro,
Duck dodging the fuckin 5-0,
Freedom as I roll, it's the prose pro,
Track Name: SATIVA: Outta Nowhere
In the land of the idiots, the keen one is king,
Spit the grittiest and get a salary higher than Yao Ming,
Aint about that cling, free like a love bird doin his thing,
Cant sing, but can rap better than any early 90s king,

Sip some fireball, spit fire, grabbin my balls,
This for every bitch in my high school halls,
Callin me out cause im white, from maine, clearly cant rap,
Well fuck that right in that idiotic girls snatch!

Hatch my plans, plottin on hackin americans,
Oh wait, government already did that, lifes a scam,
So scram and scramble a few noggins, wow it aint no sham,
Coughing on contraband, tryin to live grand with my clan,

Stackin till i see dune of sand and ocean paradise,
Across a Martian landscape, smokin dat funky vice,
Monkey like lice plague this green and blue,
Chasing green and smokin green till we blue,

Im a positive realist, positively the realist,
Seal the deal like backdoor american business shit,
Screamin fuck the banks as I ash cannons of dank,
Champ of the kink, rancor behind closed doors, plus a tank,

Barreling into society like millions of gallons of oil everyday,
Then setting fire to it, leavin fuego in my flows aquatic wake,
As i awake from a dream to this one, bigger and brighter
Then the night shit, im living fantasy's like a fuckin knight did,

Excel through the muthafuckin night gettin quid,
Drop L, smoke Ls, but dont collect em, open ya lid,
Winning and sinnin, gettin by with slippery flows like squid,
Slippin up foes while laxin with my bros on some acid,

You fake rappers are flaccid, im drastic, saliva automatic,

Smoke the sativa, float like shiva,
Enter my zone end up like sonny corleone,
Flows oceanic cause i got reefer,
Burnin L's till I got a compound like Capone,

I create depth in my work like neptune forging his oceans,
Zeus in the booth, god amongst these mortal emotions,
Land of the moose, bearing the torch like liberty in motion,
Action: thats where you'll find me, coastin', Beast Coastin',
Track Name: SATIVA: Loose in the World
The young buck who gives no fucks,
You try to face me but your flow sucks,
AND you need to get your dough up?
Man youre the foe i turn to a sick pup,

So shut up buttercup i knew something was up,
With your silly getup, shirt dyed with ketchup ,
Pretend youre a murderer who practices pick upS,
And drinks soda pop outta sippy cups as a pick me up,

Whilee i take a puff of the good stuff get puffed up,
Confidence in full blossom, check the close up,
But spit so sick my saliva needs a check up,
So stop hidin behind fake facades and makeup,

Cause ill pick it up and call you out like a frame up,
This a shake up for all the fake fucks,
Catch up if you behind, i know the finish line got stuck up,
Yup thats no hiccup im ahead, dodgin cops, i got luck,

no lockup like im keyed up, but dont flaunt it up,
Drink only 40 oz cups and shrooms in teacups,
Its a toss up between blue dream and og for best stuff,
Got an oz and i dont think thats gonna be enough,

Sup, like high, like im gone like bye in a plane way up,
Fuck, im too fucked up

Its okay lil man that you out roamin the darkened land,
Cause you gotta go through the depressing nights to reach enlightenment,
Heightened right now, but right now i gotta vent,
Pent up memories like obscenities thatll never leave, (vent)!

Rent due, 900 and change, wont come, you cant explain,
But look inside your brain, your membranes bein constrained,
Scrap like scallop boats for coins till you aint in pain,
And you shifted to your lane, fuck it off road paving the untamed,

Maimed by forces outside my motherfuckin control,
But thats the point, no matter your size your always in the middle,
The task is how do you manage, perspective shift so you can handle,
Your a god incarnate, just one of many many examples,

Its weird, the ones who hurt for work the most got the easiest state of mind,
No stressors, no complaining, vacationing all the time,
They just put down there ego, bust and grind,
Hustle and shine, get yours cause it wasnt you who said the world is mine (yknoww?)

Cause it wasnt you who said the world is mine
Cause now its me saying the world is mine,

I said the world is mine,
I said the world is mine,

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