by Izreal

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released September 7, 2016

Production by P.Soul, Lebanon Don, BluntedBeatz, HellaBeats, Lo Prophet Sound, ACR Productions and Izreal.


all rights reserved



Izreal San Francisco, California

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Track Name: (199)3 feat. R.E.M. (Prod. by P.Soul & Lebanon Don)
Lately I’ve thought, “I don’t know where to go,”
Lost with the hope that someone’s supposed to know,
Meeting my parents in their chambers,
Advising me like Jedi counselors,

Always had a fickle relationship with control,
I could always flip a nickel and knew where to smoke bowls,
I got the art, I found the flow, was lost, now know where to go,
Nowhere to go but up, ‘cause I spent too long back-pedaling, dodgin’ foes,

Everyone questioning why I rhyme,
What’s new with THIS white rapper THIS time?
Well I am a child of hip-hop, got wordplay in my mind,
Cause I know if Shakespeare was alive, he wouldn’t write sonnets, he’d rhyme,

I catch feelings like butterflies,
Guess I’m not a rapper cause I chase these highs,
Don’t need a ho when I got someone to hold,
Love is all I need in this world so miserable,

Only weak for love and love makes me strong
Only weak for love and love makes me strong
About to spark jurassic park,
Burn down from dawn till dark,

Pace on a lit stage like a devil in a cage,
Yellin’ FUCK THE MAN’S MACHINE, as I rage,
Created in my home, a hermit with a habit,
Burnin like I’m batshit, classic tactics so rabid,

Gotta be active to gain the masses,
From the place of plastic, Americana tragic,
Never been an addict, balance like a gymnast,
Quick fast I dash on cash before I return to my past,

Only weak for love and love makes me strong
Only weak for love and love makes me strong
About to spark jurassic park,
Burn down from dawn till dark,

Out the darkness, East Coast so heartless,
Passion to puff grass, dabbin and lust fast,
I must be brash, gotta be blunt to be confident,
Had a hunch I’d find a treasure chest if I wasn’t sunk,

Stunk up caravans cause the skunk is abundant,
Now on the left-side, low-key ridin’ that high tide,
Sunshine and coke lines, tan lines, hopes and crime,
Bonafide to bubble bars and bounty hunt any who rhyme,

Been doing this since I was fourteen, court summons,
Whores for the team before we had memes,
Seen obscene before I could create my dreams,
Casual in the chaos, gotta be patient if you plant seeds, grow green,

The painter paisan, passing through, call me the Spit Don,
Godfather plotter on some God-talker blotter,
Five family connect, up in the north with no cooper-
Ation, smokin exotic piffs, usin’ the fifth, got 4-5 plated copper,

Revolvers unloadin’ rounds at revolutionary rivals, y’anno Cop-ers,
Usually a hip-hopper, but now a fuckin’ fist pumper,
Hunger lustier than sharks, and aiming to take ‘em all out,
Filled with doubt, but who isn’t? Sinking foes under,

Spit from the seventh circle, chilling with Big L and Satan,
Manning up but I ain’t no pretty boy Peyton,
Baking off the kief that crumbles like towers of twin,
However you sin it’s still the same darkness within,

Burner loaded, but it’s really piff packed in paper,
Plannin to prosper with a peaceful perspective,
Hater’s all in the past, or at least outside my circle,
Prospect’s were lower than where prospector’s mine, then I used my mind,

Poppin' like Michael,
Jordan, Tyson, Corelone,
Dodging locos like Fredo, (SNITCH!)
Building like Michael,
Track Name: 333 (Prod. by BluntedBeatz & P.Soul)
Comfy in that chaos,
Lounging where them guns go off,
Kick my feet up in a storm,
Comfortable wherever I go,

I am a mortal, no I am not immortal,
Smoke ‘till I’m in wormholes, hoppin’ portals,
I’m not normal, puffin’ potent till I’m paranormal,
Pair of blunts rolled, eyes low as I watch my foes,

Grittier than the Revenant, DiCaprio but a peasant,
But rising like investments out in the land so western,
Gunslingin’ in saloon cities, palm trees and places pretty,
But from the Northeast where sleet keeps us pissy,

Cheap from the dirt that had trash heaps and bottom shelf whiskey,
Can’t stay crispy when the odds are against me,
Get wavy ‘till my mind finds some clarity,
Can’t see off this Cali-tree, chillin’ like a Rocket Power peep,

Rock it for hours with no sleep,
Clocked in and haven’t clocked out since,
Been rolling like those fuckin’ Stones since,
9-3, I had the fuego up inside of me,

Higher fees, all I need to let me proceed,
Easel up cause my brush work could fuck ya up,
Weed and weed, they think that’s what I need,
But they missin’ the point like Malaysian planes on radar,

Safe nowhere so escape and go beyond far,
Probably gonna have profits similar to Qatar,
Petroleum puffin’, fuck that shakey gas you brought here,
Live weird, grow beards, burn ‘till you reach the next tier,

Zero to four hunnid twenty real quick,
Wassup sapiens!? Need a bonita to suck my dick,
Off topic, I’ve never seen a ceiling, me eyes only saw blue skys,
And back home, all anyone ever teach you is fear, but I fly high,

With wizards in forbidden forests,
I been plottin', plottin', plottin’,
Deep in dark dungeons in Gotham,
I been plottin', plottin', plottin’,

In creeks creepier than Dawson,
I been plottin', plottin', plottin’,
Bitter cold in winters in Boston,
I been plottin', plottin', plottin’,

Smokin’ sewage in swampland,
I been plottin', plottin', plottin’,
Got forgotten in the Macintosh so Rotten,
I been plottin', plottin', plottin’,

On my Apple, I thieved some Jobs,
I been plottin', plottin', plottin’,
I mean I’m on my Steve Jobs,
Just plottin', plottin', plottin’,

Even a king needs to pay his rent,
Gotta supply the gold that your castle spent,
Even a king needs to pay his rent,
Gotta supply the gold that your castle spent,

Gorging on that green mantis,
Preying on predators, praying didn’t do me shit,
Hopin’ competitors don’t slaughter ya,
Faulted ya, they ‘bout to tip ya ‘till ya slip up,

Concentrates and chronic is some Californication,
About to fornicate with a whore for your sake (haaa),
Poor kid needs to wake up and smell the napalm,
It’s a warzone, strap up, time to only bat homeruns,

Go home if you ain’t ready for the battle son,
Rattle drums and smack ya girls bum as ya leave,
Conquering is all my minds eye can see,
Definite and absolute are what my other eyes be,

Ride free, yellow, orange, purple, green and teal trees,
Bleed that code that only Beast Coast natives feel,
Winter warriors, organic author cause these blunts heal,
Orator to the generation risin’, we joined together like a deal,

Business brawlers, but keep that shit to the fuckin’ bankers,
Just learn how to maneuver, but love is all you need to desire,
Fire ever fuck who corrupts, hire every chump who don’t,
Give a chance, life’s a glance at a bigger picture we haven’t yet found,

All the systems are competition, dollar chasin’ fools,
If you don’t have ‘fuck you money’, well, fuck youu

Straight out of the frying pan and into the fire,
‘Bout to pop like that crack that got Pryor,
Been adventurin’ since 10 out the Shire,
Perspire as I aspire, smokin' fine herbs to get higher,

You a liar, nothin’ but mannequins surround you,
Fakery bakery, you invested in, it’s true,
While I been realer than the devil’s eye,
Tried to fly and found my wings up in the sky,

Slowdancin’ with snakes and Satan’s sisters sinnin’,
Been in the revolutions, sorry I didn’t have time for cash dashin’,
Grass stashin’, preppin’ for Apocalypse that come in the night n’ shit,
SWAT like swatters, to them we mosquitos or squatters,

Proper swisher splitter, washed down with hops n’ liquor,
Where hopes n’ dreams used to go, I been plottin’ bigger,
Blunts all thicker, girls wasting their livers,
Utopia livin’, the west coast delivers,

Plastic surgery & Percocet,
Palm trees & tourniquets,
Psalms, hymns & work to get,
Elastic strategies I rep,

Keep my bottle close cause mothafuckas be snatchin’,
Enemies can’t even keep up with all the plots I’m hatchin’,
Ragin’ like I’m ratchet, but ain’t rat shit, I’m stitchin’ fashion,
Back in like McFly at the end, puffin’ potent, preachin’ passion,

There’s royalty at the top,
So spread legs and pop tops,
Outfit off then we get to gettin’ off,
Oral or an orifice, I’m my own boss,

Office wherever the fuck,
Travel like laterals, back ’n forth my body tossed,
Only hostile to hostiles in hostels,
Hotels should be renamed brothels,

Whores livin’ in close quarters with animals,
Hannibal to these hateful ho’s so minuscule,
I’m in the view like Walters, got barbies, fuck a Barbara,
Fuck an artsy, I dropped that to be me,

Avant garde is just tryin’ too hard,
Fuck a martyr, 100 years old seems smarter,
Turn liquor to triggers and water to quivers,
I jumpstart wars and let my mind move quicker,

In the action like my last name Bronson,
Vigor from an age that withered, started on Arthur,
Now got knights and wives around a wooden circular,
Knives and tribes coming together, (laymen AND Harvard)

Guard where the innocence is kept harbored,
Scarred and impaired, but my generation ain’t scared!
Been aware since Al had the truth,
Try making 80 million Americans go back to sleep after they get proof,

I’m talking ages teen to 30, we got a majority,
‘Bout to make this land of the free it’s namesake,
Fuck anarchy, we just have better clarity,
‘Bout to take this land BACK for Lady Liberty,

I like my coffee black, I like my asses fat,
I like my art surreal and my life abstract,
I’m the walking definition of THC addiction,
Censorship can suck my dick while I speak Sedition,

I’m a chaos cowboy surfin’ cosmic waves,
Bout to roll my last blunt and turn it into a milli,
Fade off the last hit and turn it to my next baggy,
Then smash the keep with my clan, feelin’ zany,

I’m not like those pill poppin’, stock droppin’, loud mouths,
Ain’t scared to leave my house with zero in my bank account,
Fuck that, I been poor, know how much ambition to leave out,
NONE, runnin’ naked in the tundra chasin’ nuns, I’m devout,

Got some knowledge in my posit’,
Can’t be Picasso if you ain’t rich,
Learned from the OG’s to never, ever, ever, ever, ever snitch,
And can’t take that heat, get the fuck out the kitch’!

Hustled 300 a week till I got up off the block,
Now all I do is 4, 5, 6, figure talk,
Tryin’ to scuffle through the struggle,
Next stop is the big boy billion plot,

From the Summer to the Shores (road!),
Mission Hill to Somerville,
Jamaica Plain to Monterey Bay,
On to only some higher phase,
From the Hills of Blue,
To the Land of Or to Andorr
Takin’ ‘cid to open doors,
From the start to the ending war,

I’m like Einstein if he smoked dusty blunts and rocked Afrika Bambaataa,
I’m like Napoleon if sold onions and flayed a Beretta,
I’m like Da Vinci if he had baddies and chugged Hennessy,
I’m like Caesar if he sported Coogi and came from the boonies,

I’m like Miles Davis, runnin’ laps around the global,
But shade a bit brighter like the plant in his nose,
I’m like Magellan, but a felon meltin’ mary in my melon,
And the amount? Mannnnnnn there’s no tellin’,
Track Name: 333,333,333 feat. Martin Luther King Jr. (Prod. by BluntedBeatz, HellaBeats, P.Soul, Lo Prophet Sound, & ACR Productions)
I’mma put Maine on the map,
Imma put, Imma put Maine on the map,
Imma put Maine on the map,
Imma put, Imma put Maine on the map,

Welcome to the carnival, wanna watch this?
Star in it, run shit or own it? You choose which,
People waitin’ on my downfall, hoping I slip,
But they forgot I’m GOAT, nothin’ makes me trip,

Can’t stumble when you’re humble,
I rocky mountain high like J Denver with stubble,
Float through rubble like Ali be a butterfly,
Sting sharper than Wu-Tang’s killerbees fight,

Peoples perceptions are different behind others backs,
Watch yourself from the envious, they’ll Caesar you back,
Feeble cause you’re wack, while I static attack,
Seizures on the track like this illness can impact,

You got pills while I got a willingness to react,
Withhold power like cancelled contracts,
Camping out, deserted, got no contacts,
Time to man up and turn dreams into facts,

Got it on the global,
Making major moves like Mobil,
I got it on the global,
Atlas with business on the mobile,

I’mma put Maine on the map,
Imma put, Imma put Maine on the map,
Imma put Maine on the map,
Imma put, Imma put Maine on the map,

Now every muthafucka from Maine wants a mixtape,
Smoked like two sticks, now they think they move bricks,
They got a duplex, a 6-chick and a couple checks,
They think they up next, guess it’s time to wreck,

Caress the beat like a babe on the beach,
I’m like a maven with a streak, attracting maidens as I speak,
Packin’ passion as I reach higher than angels dream,
Reap what you sow, so I grow what I eat!

Rap like a bullet ‘bout to burst from a gat,
Pressuring all my fucking foes in fact,
Flexin’ on all these hoes, they just scat,
I be pulling them along like, ‘FAP, FAP, FAP’

I’m like a Hobbit from the Shire sippin’ the Goblet of Fire,
Taking on the czars, dodging SARS, runnin’ the gauntlet,
Gunning for what I once did, shooting till we new kids,
Vibes is heavy like the pelts we scalp off fool’s lids,

If you’re not all in, you’re not paying attention,
If you’re not in awe, you’re not paying attention,
If you’re not in love, you’re not paying attention,
If you don’t have fear, you’re not paying attention,
There’s two types of people in this world,
Both are right and both are wrong,
One can’t tell a lie,
The other is never wrong,


I remember smokin’ on my first dank, (strawberry cough & blue dream)
I remember cashing out at the 1st bank, (Like 167 and change before tax!)
I remember gettin’ thirst, so I drank, (Captain, till I was ralphing)
I remember gettin’ worse, then I ranked, (always a higher level)

Up till I gankin’ on clans of tanks,
Taking on the thankless job, battleships sank,
Clank against the hulls, somethin’ really stank,
Mutiny against tyranny till my mind go blank,

Only in the dark can we find the light,
Stars only shine on the deepest night,
Rawer than gravel, known to travel,
Conquer 9 levels of hell and let my mind unravel,

(cause Imm….)
Always reaching for alpha state,
Like 49er’s comeback from down 28,
Like Bron Bron beat the Shot boi, it’s fate,
So name a muthafucka nicer on tape,

The first k is a rat race,
Murder and slay till first place,
That first k is the hardest,
Flip it to 10, hunnid then mill’ish,
After you overcome that 300 weekly,
You’re only looking for figures 4 and up,
Tryin’ to see long digits, get it quickly,
That first K determines who’s tough,

Kicked in the doors of perception like I’m one of Biggie’s sons,
Or Aldous’s, ya know I’m a wizard like Albus is (run!!)
Focus on the conspiracies and it’s all you’ll see,
Been classy, trippy, drifty, and lofty- now which do I seem?

I tasted uptown, and never wanted different,
Smokin’ dope till I’m overdosin’ and croakin’,
Grew up ‘round dusty people with even dustier beats,
But always reached skyscraper high like 1%’s cheese,

See? My mainframe is gone, my personality is none,
Ambition without ego, cause I shroomed by the caseload,
Ace mode, brace for the cold, only win if you’re bold,
Laced with O’s, bank account and baggy, re-up, reload,

Che Guevara with an arrow pointed at the Pharaoh,
‘Bout to take it back to psychedelic pyramids from Mexico,
Snipe me like terrorists, you’re only shooting the messenger,
The canary in the coal-mine, minded mine, calming the cold culture,

Echoes of savages, fuego till I ravish the bush,
Self-destructive like suicidal bombers, (hushhh…)
We in a new era, watch your words, report terror,
Watchin’ as free speech withers like tea leaves,

No tea party, no apache, no revolutionary to lead me,
‘Cept Bernie, and he got the backhand from a corrupt party,
Sorry, hate being a downer, but the world’s been wack lately,
Even good ol’ love’s been giving me anxiety,

Remembering you only die once, YODO, from yoda-like elders,
Cool with Vadar but got a blue lightsaber,
The aim is to never to be labeled a hater,
Persistence equates success, so sleep later,

Everything I touched I studied,
Ain’t going into anything willy-nilly,
Learned productive and destructive are next door neighbors,
So watch your mind like NSA-capers,

Tokin’ vapor ‘till they chop up the last acre,
Fuck Trump, but ya gotta vote to keep out the fascist,
Just tryin’ to enlighten the masses and fatten their asses,
While pourin’ molasses, wallet thick like prize bass is,

Help me up,
I’m goin’ downnnnn,
Help me up,
I’m goin’ downnnnn,
It sparks man… this charcoal,
It sparks man… this charcoal,
Help me up,
I’m goin’ downnnnn,

And I quote,
Never gonna stop the smoke,
Never gonna lose the hope,
And I quote….

Errybody sins, sins, sins,
Errybody sins, sins, sins,
Errybody sins, sins, sins,
Errybody sins, sins, sins,
All of us fuckin’ n’ overeatin’,
We all be greedin’ n’ thievin’,
All of us envious ego’s needin’,
We all be slimin’ n’ fightin’,

We all got secrets, secrets, secrets, secrets
Keep them secrets, secrets, secrets, secrets
Those lil’ secrets, secrets, secrets, secrets
Eat you, them secrets, secrets, secrets, secrets

I’mma put Maine on the map,
Imma put, Imma put Maine on the map,
Imma put Maine on the map,
Imma put, Imma put Maine on the map,

What are we all chasing?
What are we all escaping?
What are we all after?
What is truly forward?

What is truly forward?
What is truly for us?
What is truth to us?
Without truth, we ain’t the U.S.

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