9000 Days

by Izreal

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The 10th album Hip-Hop by Izreal.


released November 14, 2017


all rights reserved



Izreal San Francisco, California

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Track Name: 10,000 Hours (Prod. by BluntedBeatz)
Put in 10,000 hours in 9,000 days,
I’m a mystic, no a cryptic, no a wizard with my ways,
Locked up in towers decoding scripts from ancient days,
I’m about to separate from the base and become truly Godly,

Things that are meant to, just flow together,
No you don’t roll together, know I’m the competitor who’s better,
I’m the messenger sent by Zeus to tell you your reign is over,
And if you need closure, let the door hit you on the way outta here,

Way past fear, now I’m dabbling in adrenaline like a skydiver,
Ripe like papaya straight off the island, swim in flows I’m a scuba-diver,
My root is fire and I only toke kaya so my projections higher,
I’m a fighter, I’m a fighter, McGregor PLUS Mayweather,

Find me vine-side hangin’, catch me curbside walkin’,
Discover me uncoverin’ mysteries, notice I’m MVP of the MC’s,
Quote poets and boast about the art of bein’ stoic, it’s easy,
This is why my soul was sent to this celestial body,

I’d die for my people,
Lead my tribe, defeat evil,
I’d die for my people,
I’m alive for my people,

Put in 10k in 9k,
Pushin limits is my way,
Joints lookin’ like sequoias,
Smokin’ cannons fat as redwood trunks, (ayeee)

I turned my dreams to reality,
I manifest whatever I believe,
I saw a bird sing songs of free-dom,
I know I still gotta grow, I’ve been so dumb,

The truth is an ugly beast
But lies are the demon-in-chief,
And stress is the acne infectin’ your face,
And anxiety’s the bow on that gift-wrapped case,

Your case is either mental or criminal,
Face it, you’re a peasant in this rich man’s world,
Phaser it, fuck that I’m a Star Trekker in disguise,
Sent back to free the eyes of the children who’ll rise

Up, up, up, up we go, flyin’ like the shuttle goes,
Huddle with the bros, and mingle with the hoes,
Muster up a master plan to muscle all your foes,
Tussle with the fools that juxtapose wit’ soul-less roles,

I’d die for my people,
Lead my tribe, defeat evil,
I’d die for my people,
I’m alive for my people,

Write everything on my phone, I’m a millenial,
Statistics say I’ll leave this Earth without a penny in my will,
They say the only way out is with a financial advisor, (then it’s back to)
A few screwdrivers now I need an uber driver, (typical millennial)

Dodging difficulties, errands and emotions,
Never knowing which way the energy is flowin’,
That’s the opposite of my code man,
Sprint into fires like I’m saving toddlers in the Twin Towers,

Been lost, but learned how to gain power,
Through the structures I destroyed and devoured
Any opponent I ran through like they left goal’s open,
If you need to believe in somethin’, guess I’m the one who’s chosen,

I’d die for my people,
Lead my tribe, defeat evil,
I’d die for my people,
I’m alive for my people,
Track Name: newnew WAVE. (Prod. by MaseratiGoKrazy)
I’m that new wave on the West Coast,
But I ain’t like them “surfs up” bros, (I’m sharp!)
From that gritty, dirty woods up in the East,
*Beep beep* my attitude, get the fuck out my lane,

Move like I can’t be constrained, dangers my middle name,
Take a trip to Austin, power trip through a weird day man,
Hours flip and them O’s do the same ‘till a billion and change,
Ain’t stoppin’ ‘till I gotta shrug off ‘Razzis yellin’ fuck all this fame,

Dame smashin’, grab da loot then it’s an S-Class dashin’,
Messed up Hendrix plus Picasso’s my fashion,
Ashin’ blunts and dabbin’ skunks, askin’ for nothing much,
Rather taking what I want, never front, all my homies takin’ bumps,

All you owe is me a lot, all I gotta say about politics is Fuck Donald Trump,
Want the font nice and pretty for the girls in the stadi’,
Never got a pace ‘cept exponentially, find me upgrading every day, (See!)
Here I go, another level to smash, time to get my pay!

Brought back that rustic like I returned retro,
Pull up in that DeLorean, skrt skirt off doin’ 88,
Got a Coogi, not wit’ the goofys, grab my girls booty (Oh!)
Everyone knows there’s no such thing as a real life Serpico,

Need a million by 26,
Or I’ll be outta healthcare, gettin’ sick,
Welcome to this fucked up place we call the First World,
Most hurl at the first sight of what our country does every night,

Squirreled up in some hovels, digging without shovels,
I always knew that the few at the top feel pressured hot,
Always waiting for that one who will aim, cock and take the shot,
Well bitch, you finally met your maker (Pop!)

Ayeeeee, we don’t fuck around where I’m from,
America is what I’m talkin’ ‘bout, people ‘bout to rise like the sea levels are goin’,
Open range on enemies, snipin’ every single adversary,
Pass the sensi, be the sensei, open a dojo, teach everyone how to grow,

My whole life umami, Samurai with potent sativa on my side,
Posted up with the crew, son, mood always a nuisance,
Prose always got nuance and the flow be influenced by phenoms,
Supposed to be a demon, but rather pose with the most High ones,

Brought back that rustic like I returned retro,
Pull up in that DeLorean, skrt skirt off doin’ 88,
Got a Coogi, not wit’ the goofys, grab my girls booty (Oh!)
Everyone knows there’s no such thing as a real life Serpico,

I don’t do shit but this,
I don’t do nothing but make hits,
I don’t do functions, I just skip,
I don’t do fucks ups, I just make it, (Swish!)

I’m from the scenic turnouts, turn around you got junkies and burnouts,
But I turned myself to burnin’ up tracks, arson every record scratch,
Complete the pass, clutch every situation,
Keep it correct, exact like mathematics, I be on,

I’m just tryin’ to make it to the 2k playlist,
Face it, I’m the next up, and you? You’re basic,
Blaze quick to get the cannabis in my veins, get lit and ride off,
I’m like a cyborg mixed with a shaman mixed with Star Wars

Boss of this bass shit, Ace it every time I spit,
Laced with liquors, lye and LSD, I’m in a shift,
Dimensionally, I don’t think this place is for me,
Definitely, I’m going somewhere that shouldn’t exist,

I’m from where ALL we had was hope,
But most let their dreams die like a sinking boat,
So I float on, can’t be modest cause I’m a mouse up against some lions,
Gotta try something smart, cause I ain’t dying without tryin’

Titan in training, Titian in the making,
Vision fit for a caveman tryin’ to enlighten his fellow men,
I’m trying get us out, I’m just trying get us out!
Never doubt, I never do, always plottin’, there’s a constant coup,
Track Name: $3 Dollar Bill (Prod. by Origami)
This that homemade, fuck the brand names,
Smokin’ on some strange strains,
All my targets free range (chickens!)
Hip-hop flooded wit knockoff Lil Wayne’s (n’ T-pains)

Deranged like I got venom in the vein,
Cobra pose in a vulturous game,
Never sold cocaine, never sold opiam,
But made more money than everyone in my whole clan,

My whole fam is back in the homeland,
While I’m out exploring the western sands,
Life is a game that no one can ever win,
‘Cause we all die and in between we sin,

Schizophrenic, been dead,
Hallucinogenics, surrounded by pinheads,
Can’t focus, 30 careers I currently rep,
Still slippin’ through the cracks without piling up debt,

Forget your lust
For the rich man's gold
All that you need
Is in your soul

Staring at drugs like a mortal enemy,
Got more potions than an apothecary,
Transfixed in them, while I’m far from friends,
Socially starvin’, liquor swimmin’, I’m a marlin,

Sugar by the booger, dab globs ‘till I hover,
Ain’t bothered like some victim with a rupture,
Can’t be corrupted, no discussion,
Spit eclectic over raw percussion,

Fuck bluffin’ I’m a puffin’ swimmin’ through rough waves,
Tokin’ on exotic haze in a foreign place, no more pourin’ rain,
I’m just reigning in my land, gettin’ paid by every man,
Romain’ like my name is Caesar, hopin’ they don’t dress me down and revenge,

Been in my mind like mad scientist, (lettuce mix!)
Rhyme game Zeus/Suess, yet it don’t start with Doctor,
Rather lightening throwing, beard growin’,
Flowin’ like clouds carry me, my caravan,

Grew up in the grime seeing everyday crimes,
But the only guy I ever killed was Mr.Time,
Sick of most my days without shine so I started to rhyme,
Goin’ on my grind till I get a million grand and free my mind,

Forget your lust
For the rich man's gold
All that you need
Is in your soul

Puff a piece of vine till I reach peace of mind,
Know ya can’t reach peace if you’re poppin’ your piece,
Thinkin’ deeper than Mariana’s trench,
With flows similar, that leave ya drenched,

Half my classmates meet their baby daddies in Walmart parking lots,
To trade off their toddler for a weekend, mama’s havin’ vodka on rocks,
Talk up the weekly chit chat, gossip and bitch ‘bout the brats,
Grab a stag from the bar, hit it without a bag, get another kid in 40 Sat’s,

Orchestrate plots similar to drug drops,
Hatched a plan to escape my daycare, that’s true as fuck,
From Teddy Grahams to Instagram to holograms,
Been ready for the Hall of Fame since Mary had that lamb,

I ain’t stoppin till I slay the dragon, get the damsel,
You think you a king but your domain’s just an anthill,
I’m an anvil on your piano, panicking when I enter your ‘ville,
Got the will of the people, can’t stop me like you already took the pill,

We live in a land where our music’s freer than we,
Citizen’s United, the Electoral College, the media circus and lobbyists
Fucked this whole system up for the rest of us,
So my eyes stay lower than one percenter’s taxes,

Forget your lust
For the rich man's gold
All that you need
Is in your soul
Track Name: willPOWER (Prod. by TaylorKing)
Birthdays of bullshit, nothin’ but candles and store bought,
Not blamin’ my mama, rather the society that’s harmin’,
Caught between a gun barrel and a metal wall, it’s alarmin’,
Had to conquer my karma, flip it ten times, cosmic hustlin’,

Cause I really started from the bottom,
Did a year on a blow up cot in a two room shack,
Back breaking, no friends, no family, just my girl
And my dreams, been balance beam walkin’ since a teen,

Got my hand on the pulse like an EMT on the scene,
Believin’ in a world where fiend’s don’t feed on friends,
Probably never gonna see, safe to say it’s sadder than tragedies,
They’ll probably get mad at me for how real I tend to be,

Truth is my bible, my rifle is fingers on this laptop,
On top since toddler sneakin’ meatballs out the crockpot,
Crackpots better get out my optic, need a spliff of pot,
Keep your brown, I keep it fresh like I pick the trees off the lot,

Only through willpower do you gain that power,
Climbin’ like I’m Cruise on an impossible mission, scaling skyscrapers,
Paper like a forest fire, always consumin’ but still growin’,
Owing nothin’ to no one, ‘cept ma famiglia,

For givin’ me that desire to always reach higher,
A liar, then a buyer, now a supplier,
That’s the order, follow like mortars right into your trench,
Watchin’, then you’re buggin’, retreat won’t be quenched,

It’s a mess tryin’ navigate this maze we call America,
Obstacles and hysteria surround ya like a barrier,
Gotta break out the box like dinosaurs in a cargo truck,
Pop the seal, crack the lock, find your way out the muck,

I disappear for a week or two like Batman to his cave for a few,
Ridin’ on a high wave that can’t collapse, been chosen by the blue,
Cause all of my younger days were spent in depression,
So now I’m overcoming, bought to topple all this oppression,

Messin’ with only what I know, got knowledge stuffed in,
I brought back the desire to find that mysterious wisdom,
My kingdom is built on love, I don’t need fear to show I’m tough,
Rough from the rumblin’ jungles up North, know it ain’t about luck,

Been workin', workin’,
Been groovin’, groovin’,
Been workin’, workin’,
Been groovin’, groovin’,

Know I got the plot deep in my mind’s depths,
Yanno I got the flow like aqueducts,
My product leaves ya awestruck, keep the auto tucked,
Cause the demon’s been lurkin’, waiting for a slip up,

Measure up to heights higher than all my family stacked,
But the ego’s in check, like I got balances, diplomatic,
I got an entire congress in my conscious,
Debatin’ the best outcome, we only pick the winning method,

Crush nugs, thwart thugs, dodge cops like we playing hide and seek,
Been known to beat adversaries even when the chance is fuckin’ bleek,
What can I say? Just dial the NSA, they know I’m a freak,
Walk on stilts on peaks with a fear of heights, can’t be locked in a keep,

I mean I can’t be kept, my brain is unbound and has endless depth, (I know, you JUST said it)
I fear nothing but what might make me feel fear, it’s weird,
Accept all that changes, except what you don’t want fadin’,
Parading into the night, clutchin’ a torch, leading the good fight,

Been workin', workin’,
Been groovin’, groovin’,
Been workin’, workin’,
Been groovin’, groovin’,
Track Name: imPOSSIBLE (Prod. by Conscious Notes)
Changin' minds is harder than turnin’ a dime to a trillion,
Doesn’t mean it's impossible it just hasn’t been done,
And I’m trying to win something that’s never been won,
So watch me flip a penny into a trillion and one,

I sit back and toke pot while I watch cops,
A level above them, a step ahead of them,
Got the plot in the backseat of my brain,
Got the props from the old heads, now I go insane,

Out the hollow fields, 2-lanes roads with no other cars,
Had to forge it out the fire, find the desire to speak my art,
Bleek and dark, that’s my prologue,
‘Cept the summers we treasured, and baggies we delivered,

Peak since the start, just had to un-blind my sight,
I take walks at night where most don’t even go in the daylight,
I may not be right, that’s the risk of standing upright,
Standing for what you want, your rights and your life,

Used only get high off cess,
Now I get high off success,
What do I think of success?
It sucks, pass back dat cess!

Ain’t about the need for a free lunch,
I just drop the trees into the blunts,
Hit it like a skunk, roadkill, puffin’ on that dro so ill,
Smokin’ till that globe will fill, green got me feelin’ like Cloverfield,

Got that nu nu, girl in a tutu,
And she slurpin’ on my nude tube,
She got her new boobs poppin’ out,
I’m tokin till I Coo Coo, spittin’ through the drought,

I aint here to sit and explain, (crack open a book!)
Thats why u have your own brain (don’t get shook)
Go out and do it, (screw it, screw it)
Nike knew some shit, (props, props)

I need a week of shine, ganja and pussy divine,
Sometimes we all shaky, but just know I’m fine,
Never gonna rewind, from the pines here to climb culture’s vine,
Fuck couture, I stitch my own fashion, get the girl with the contour,

Monster, dinosaur, trappin’ like I got crack cookin’ next door,
Got the heat up the block staring at my family’s plot,
Mobsters move like ninjas, never know where we go,
Never get a no, and if I do, I just ignore and roll,

Close to perimeters, yanno I walk the edges of yin-yangs,
Which side I wonder as I ponder about the place of my clan,
You can’t outpace me man, I’ve been doin’ laps for 10,
Years, gotta wake up if you wanna catch up my peers,

Haven’t slept since High School, nocturnal insomniac,
I mean I never have a moment to relax,
Find me up 3am writing, 7am hiking, 4pm toking,
10pm chillin, then I do it all again,

The sensi sensei, that sativa breather,
All I spit is ether, I’m a venomous leader,
My testaments aren’t chiseled, I’m a nonbeliever,
What’s that mean? I’m like a wide receiver,

Odell with the mobile direct link to Oden,
Sometimes the lingo crosses, and I’m trying to get to the bottom,
The messages ain’t direct, and they change constant,
I’m just saying we need to open up to something different,

Been sent to this planet by an extra-dimensional entity,
If I fess up, it wasn’t anything that you’d call heavenly,
See I’ve seen world’s shatter and slip away,
Days turned darker than Grandma’s last day,

So I know the most high ain’t all giggles and prizes,
Surprise! This life is two-sided,
Better get yours while the light is shinin’,
Then retreat when the zombies out bitin’,

Snip the slitherin’ Slytherins,
Hop on my Griffin, get to the mission,
With my hype man, runnin’ till I’m outta juice man,
And my girl got caboose, it boasts me up and

I’m like an astronaut in the twenty hyphen,
First, rappin’ like I’m supposed to diss Fred Durst,
My bars don’t leave scars, they leave ya dead in the hearse,
In bed with the worst, you are, while I’m bout to burst on this verse,

Skrt skrt, roll with the work that’s louder than waves pros surf,
I got the prose sir, but I don’t respect your turf,
Fuck the hierarchy, ‘bout to start anarchy,
Aim at the archers, take out the ranged infantry,

Don’t you know war? Don’t you know the 33 laws?
No heart, no brain, no man behind the curtain,
Just emotions throwin’ ya into motions that don’t keep ya floatin’,
Drowin’ in your own waste, thinking what’s the magic potion?

This circus is your carpet and you’re the dude,
Better get your shit movin’, all the foes so rude,
And the hoes want none of you, (ewwww)

None of you, none of you,
None of you can fuck with the fuego I got brewin’,
Ten tons of gold stuffed in a Winnebago scoopin’
Up any hippie I see, spreadin’ the wealth like PB,

From the M-A I-N-E, AKA the 207 by the sea,
For a C or 3 my PPL been on the DL in the trees,
Wanna see them well, so I spell i-n-t-r-i-c-a-t-e-l-y, infinitely,
Be a 4-mer, I’ll triple it, two-step ya and be the one, watch me,

Eat me she say, I agree and then I devour away,
Power comes to many, only a few can use it right,
That’s the fight, that’s the muthafuckin’ struggle,
From a muggle, pop the bubble, it’s magic, flyin’ past the Hubble,

All the goons so gullible, fall for pronzi’s and pyramids,
It’s like the eye of illuminat-i hyponized ‘em and I know why,
So they can control like Sauron and his trolls,
Be aware who told you that your dream is impossible,

They’ll backstab any cat and rat on the whole pack, (lowkey)
I keep the loud packed so it can help me filter who (smoke trees)
I keep ‘round my crowd and who’s crew to screw, (show me)
Who knew that adjusting your mood can turn you into the one who rules, (emperor)
Track Name: The Game (Prod. by B.YOUNG)
You tryin’ to run the game, own it or just play?
Cause most these fools pick a lane that’s lame,
Aimin’ to be the coach, but you know the star gets the big wage,
Tryin’ to buy everything without a dollar to your name,

It’s strange, the emotional rollercoasters we pick to ride,
Pay a dollar ninety five and get your ticket to die,
Cause this whole life thing is just a waiting game at the DMV,
When they call your number you better be ready,

Get the fetti-cini, y’nano I’m that wop,
Toke a quap a week and dodge the cops,
Take a page from 48 laws, plot to get the power at the top,
Take stock of who takes, know they ain’t ready for high stakes,

I make the fakes expose themselves, bait for the jakes,
Snakes slither at a slow pace, try to work their way into your web,
Been at it like an addict, got the blueprint in my head,
The movement godly, get behind me my demi’s, (let’s go!)

Off kilter, anti-culture, men riot when I enter,
Get the gaul to swings blades at the gladiators,
Been a bad communicator, now all my lingo crisp,
It’s takes moments to mold it, so patience ‘till ya lit,

The linguistic master, got more logic than those with masters,
Act on it like a fire in a kitchen, those who couldn’t take it
Already turned to burnt chicken, but those who stay learnt
That the heat turns ‘em into heroes, burn in the flames like Nero,

But more appealing like Pacino or De Niro,
Then crack the matrix, get the real tricks, pull a Neo,
The cheat codes come to those who play the most,
Hack the source, cause if you know the game, the rules are yours,

The tools are at your disposal, use it like they told you,
Then use it like they don’t, push boundaries past what’s proved,
You can do what they say you can’t do,
It just requires more willpower than you’re used to,

Positive, positive, that’s all I’m trying to be kids,
Move like mobsters step, but all my channels bumpin’ ska sets,
You got the bro depth, I got that Mariana trench,
Flows different colored like the Caribbean at sunset,

The vibrance can’t be kept, unleash it,
The beasts runnin’ off the leash, he rabid,
My method is magic, your technique is pathetic,
Cure ills like a medic, but so sick I’m malignant,

Magnificent when I roll the blunt up,
All my people rock flannels and grunge cuts,
Lunge past the mutts, dinin’ on marble table sets,
Gargle my balls and gaze at what comes next,

If it’s done correct your empire will be perfect,
Flawless with finances, flowin’ like an unbroken circuit,
Your girls a goddess and heaven was based on your home,
It’s like living in a world no one’s ever known, but you’ll do it,
Track Name: Philosopher King (Prod. by Yondo)
Know it all, that’s my journey, never my title,
Earnin’ without usin’ my fists or fuckin’ rifle,
I’m that philosopher king, know I run this thing,
Got the heart and the brain and the brawn inside me,

Just tryin’ to be a higher breed, reach levels elevated,
Came from that house of Vadar, but other side like Luke did,
Lukewarm waters we wade through, tryin’ to make our cash move,
Dash soon before the Federales grind up your groove,

Swimmin’ through oceans of emotions,
Feel it all like Hercules in that river of death,
I’m after my Meg, gotta get the damsel ‘fore her last breath,
So of course I’m stressed, but it’s nothin cause I press

Forward, go hard like prison courtyards,
Go far, gotta reach the stratosphere before I croak,
I’m that bloke who's tokes good, every line a quote,
Move like I got a cloak on, phantom of the hip-hop opera,

Society path or socio-path,
That’s the choice we face, add up the math,
Subtract from those who divide, then multiply your past,
Get your new voice shown, are a man or a boy crying on the way home?

Orchestrate the masses like an Earthquake disaster,
Shake off the nonsense and plot out of the pasture,
Don’t get your guidance strictly from the pastors,
Training and gaining ‘till I get that title of master,

Kids raised on warporn, your call of duty is a bestseller,
Shooting strangers for Uncle Sam, (It’s cool to be a sniper!)
Since when was killing cool? You think taking lives make you rule?
What a pussy, shows how cowardly you militant’s be,

While you walk in the fuckin footsteps of giants,
I be out blazing new paths around ‘em in defiance,
Smokin’ magic rapid, got a method like science,
Never tepid or in compliance of that unjust violence,

From that place of unbalance, liberty and concealed handguns,
Been so cold that my soul froze solid,
Raised around rednecks, hippies and townies,
Section 8, food stamps, food markets and eighths,

Plastic in every form, where’s reality’s crack?
We got artificial kids raised on Similac,
Used to quackin’ for protection like AFLAC,
And most don’t cope, just get the Tec and snap!

Dare I say it?
D.A.R.E. didn’t do shit ‘cept daring us to do it,
Now most pop perc’s and flashback to 7th grade
Lectures that told you weed was evil it’d make you fade,

But clearly they were lying, so your mind was made,
So now you sippin’ potions put your brain on parade,
Thinkin’ like mannn I knew that was a trick to get me caged,
But a step back would have you realize you’re wasting away,

Aged and in decay, addicted and laying in a haze,
Is that the direction you wanna attempt man?
Caring about nothing, slumpin’ in a swamp discussin disgust
Like it don’t matter to you anymore, life flipped on it’s axis,

You only blame everyone, never yourself,
It’s a cycle I’ve seen fools locked in, despite their health,
Despite their family shrieking at them telling them to untie the belt,
It’s hell, and most don’t have to go that route,

Strategize, create, plot, act and then relax,
Command your clan, get yours and then give back,
I’m just tryin’ build my Kallipolis,
Tokin’ on the thistle, quick to reach bliss,

Serendipity got me my risky wings,
Flying like birds that don’t believe in kings,
I’m free, humble like a bumblebee,
Just doin’ my work for the hive, livin’ merrily,

Barely can see off this cali tree,
Barely can believe I’m where I be,
Barely can reach higher than me,
Barely made it in the academy of Socrates,

But I did,
So I live,
Philosopher King,
Think then sting.
Track Name: 24th Eve (Prod. by Yondo)
Almost on my 24th rotate ‘round the Sun,
Thought I’d write down the messages I got for everyone,
Show ya what I’ve seen and been taught,
Can’t flop or face the faces of a displeased lot,

Knees weak, arms spaghetti, heavy stress ya got,
Never stop cause the cash gotta get caught,
Live big, talk realer, smoke reefer, always got a plot,
They say my mind on rot, I say my mind’s on top,

The clock tick and it tocks, it’s the eleventh hour, time to rock,
Locked and loaded, cock back and pull it, bullet then shock,
You got years to do it, but holy shit they come quick,
Like premature ejaculate, get yours before the bitch snitches,

Lost in stupid hip-hop metaphors, what am I sayin?
I’m the biggest whore, but got out the sewers without a herpes sore,
Doin’ burpees preppin’ for tour, sippin’ slurpees when it’s ov-er,
To you life’s a bore, to me it’s a chance to make a score,

Almost two-four,
Almost a quart’ of a C,
Shoulda been born in the sea,
Move like nothin’ fucks with me,
Grasp all that I need,
Herb is all that I breathe,
Skrrrt the Po-C,
Almost free,

They say logic’s the object, I say keep love closer in your optic,
Mob shit, lips sealed, classified it, higher class type tokin’ piff,
Always jokin’ in my clique, can’t always be serious,
Tight asses never make it, remain freeform if you wanna succeed,

Never slip unless the scenario requires me bein’ slick,
Move like the lips and tongue of cougar who craves dick
And sucks ya like a Hoover with no off switch,
Boss since the night shift, up smokin’ spliffs on the slave ships,

They had us, we fought back and,
Like a mad man yanno I take it to the max,
But lets get back on task, let’s get down to brass tacks,
I’m a mack of the motion, spittin’ like I got the potion,

And the antidote, every bar a picture-perfect quote,
Had it since back when I had girls next door ridin’ on my pegs,
Mongoose legend, in the small town, but never liked my reverend,
Anti like Occupy, runnin’ ‘till I get my pockets lined, (that’s by design…)

Almost two-four,
Almost a quart’ of a C,
Shoulda been born in the sea,
Move like nothin’ fucks with me,
Grasp all that I need,
Herb is all that I breathe,
Skrrrt the Po-C,
Almost free,

Months move by in moments, so capture ‘em,
Bask in scenes where even your dreams weren’t as serene,
I mean find those places where your consciousness can get clean,
Bathe in sunlight beams and know nightmares can be unseen,

Only thing I hate is hate, save anger for evil,
Only thing I love is love, only need other people,
Can’t take those materials with ya, or that steeple,
Just know you’re in it on your own, this journey is lethal,

But we all need you, and they all need that too,
The balance is a challenge, but in time it’ll reveal what’s true,
Like how I know I need to do better, I bet I’ve been worse than you,
And I’m ashamed of that shit, it’s something no one needs to go through,

What’s worse is I’ve seen darker than I ever do on the daily,
Girls pushing pills and fire on a Facebook status,
Got a baby on the way and Mama needs a new mattress,
Daddy usin’ her for boxin practice, the match up is tragic,

No mashups, and the make-up don’t help,
You can’t mask it up, and the jig is up,
Mask up and feel the jury get called up,
Bury lies in the backyard for prosecutors to dig up,
Almost two-four, almost a quart’ of a C,
Shoulda been born in the sea, move like nothin’ fucks with me,
Grasp all that I need, herb is all that I breathe,
Skrrrt the Po-C, almost free,
Track Name: Epiffany (Prod. by P. Soul)
Tokin' pot behind a cop givin’ a fuck like not,
Smoke like a quap a week, my mind on rot,
I am jalapeno, I am fuego,
I am habanero, I am loco,

Smoke dope till I overdose and croak,
*Ribbet* Hear that toad drop stools out the boat,
Float like marks over quotations famous presidents wit’ acronyms spoke,
Gloat cause you ain’t assassinated, bitch you ain’t worth it,

Current culture curves wit, I disassociate from that shit,
Smoke spliffs ‘till I lift into dimensions you can’t decrypt,
Lit can’t explain this, I’m engulfed, flames shootin’ when I spit,
Dragon breathin’ like Smaug, stomp over rivers like a god,

Burned so many blunts with my dogs we created smog,
Buried a billion wraps, R.I.P to my old bags, used to smoke bog,
Brick-shit, seeds & stems, elevated since then,
But those days we burned like it was our business and we needed rent,

Only thing my mental needs is medical,
Not the only one who thinks it should be legal,
Got a problem with these hostile Federals,
Got the best cannabis in sunny Cal,

Tryin’ to get my wallet thicker than my blunt,
Brown bag up my boo so I can eat her for lunch,
Super sour diesel till I’m lucid and need a refill,
Fuck poppin’ pills, might as well aim at your head and drill,

Always green, young with a garden on me,
I’m not stoppin till all my people got 28 g’s,
Sent to the Earth to free y’all from anxiety,
Equipped with the finest leaf, Izzy got the remedy,

You think you smoke more weed than me?
That I cannot believe,
I’m too connected to Mary like I’m Kate Olsen,
And yanno the Ashley’s are always around,

Got so many plugs I’m overloading circuits,
Precision perfect, competition worthless, the game worth it,
Spit quick like an automatic clip that go *tick tick*
Like the clock of time berating your mind, so grab the pine,

Only thing my mental needs is medical,
Not the only one who thinks it should be legal,
Got a problem with these hostile Federals,
Got the best cannabis in sunny Cal,

Join the circle, smoke the herbal,
Complexion purple, warfare verbal,
Sleek like servals, sativa is all I burn through,
Not true, but I prefer it to gettin’ inda-couch-lock,

*sleep noise*
Stop sittin on the grass like the second shooter!
Pass it to the left, it’s religious tradition,
Masses of my people got third eye visions,

Catch us in the cloud spot, smokin’ on the loud pot,
Banging on pots and pans, got oil for the tin man,
It’s just the way the millenials do it man,
Rebellion in one hand, joint in the other,

I zig, I smoke, I go! Chjo chjo!
I zig, I smoke, I go! Chjo chjo!
I zig, I smoke, I go! Chjo chjo!
I zig, I smoke, I go! Chjo chjo!

Only thing my mental needs is medical,
Not the only one who thinks it should be legal,
Got a problem with these hostile Federals,
Got the best cannabis in sunny Cal,
Track Name: NOstalgia (Prod. by P. Soul)
Floatin’ in a cockpit, chokin’ on the cactus,
Smellin’ like skunk piss, got a monk’s wit,
Joint’s ‘bout the size of a fuckin trunk tip,
Got a blunt grip on the funds I need to get,

Agendas gettin’ met, problems gettin’ swept, (up..)
Got waxes like a chandler, marijuana over manners,
No smoking? That sign is blind to my mind,
Grind all day, from Tony Hawk’s Underground time,

In orbit, cause I smoke a lot of pot,
But thats the life of an astronaut,
Pass the cabbage as I grab ya soul with passion,
Rappin’ like the words were written by God’s hand,

Know a man who makes his mark ends up a marked man,
But cannot stop because this life is all I’ve got man,
So you better kill it or risk dying on stage,
Can’t mind my own when they tryin’ to take my home, (or debt me up with loans)

You couldn’t imagine my nightmares,
Your worst is just a dull dream to me,
Couldn’t imagine my nightmares,
Your worst is just a dull dream to me,

Toke it till a stump, toss them guts then bounce,
Reload then rebound, eastbound and down,
Been out since ’08, rockin’ a gold cape,
While chuggin’ $3 wine out of a broke vape,

I’m anti-fake, been realer than the devil haunting demon’s nightmares,
All about the take, duct tape their face and feel the victim’s stare,
It’s a crimson affair when I enter, surrounded by dissenters,
Thick like bear hide, flow rugged like them Arctic waves glide,

Rough around the edges like unkept hedges,
I divide and destroy like a nuclear winter,
Mind of a warrior, got magic like a sorcerer,
Tokin’ like a mystic on the sidewalk in Jamaica,

Wandered west to seek a better life like the elves of Lorien,
So ill I’m malignant, so many crews to fix, swear I was born-again,
I meant to say crews to nix, cause this shit isn’t about friends,
I’m in it to get recognit’ from the scholars, fuck a dollar and a scam,

You couldn’t imagine my nightmares,
Your worst is just a dull dream to me,
Couldn’t imagine my nightmares,
Your worst is just a dull dream to me,
Remember back when…..
Remember back when…..
Remember back when…..
Remember back when…..

We was burnin’ blueberry blunts of strawberry cough,
The size of a richman’s brunch who always yellin’ fuck off,
The liquor was flowin’,
We had open minds and hearts moreso,

More flow in them communal days,
More knowledge to obtain,
Fools frisky with felines, mules too stubborn to recline,
I mean we had days in decline,

But in nostalgia, the great outweighs what doesn’t shine,
Gettin’ pissed cause we weren’t paid,
It seem so long since those days,
But yet here I lay in the East, feastin’ with my peeps,

Beastin’ since we was pip-squeaks, rollin’ like Adele deep,
Smokin’ dodging twelve steps, addiction on contact,
Skin to skin react as your mind can unlatch,
Unhatchin’ new discoveries since infancy,

You couldn’t picture my dreams,
Next best is just a faded figment to me,
Couldn’t picture my dreams,
Next best is just a faded figment to me,
Remember back when…..
Remember back when…..
Remember back when…..
Track Name: Hellsworth (Prod. by Yondo)
I’m from bottom-barrel, backwoods Hellsworth,
Where how loud ya yell is what you’re worth,
Take you to the vacationland and show you an impoverished scam,
Where no man makes a grand without grief or doin’ something society can’t stand,

Off-brand and down-and-out, they don’t care if you’re caught in the stream, lost trout,
I even know bosses who pout cause their days always end with 6 stouts,
Pick a poison, take a vow, end the misery right now,
Stop the schisms and cognitive dissonance and find your golden cow,

Raise the steaks till they can be sold, get you a higher stake of wealth,
Dodge the inconsiderate, feel the literature pulse through my health,
My blood is ink, my trials happened last blink, this is next level, now what do I think?
What do I do in a world controlled by powers outside my reach, need more hours,

Feel the scowl, always a panther on the prowl,
Bow to your highness, my fire ridiculous and girl a goddess,
I piss diamonds, fuck your excellence, gettin’ the lyrical Heisman,
It’s empirical that I’m on the rise and I’m nothin’ less than a Titan,

A giant, always defiant, no rival can reach my requirements,
Eye ‘em ‘till they blinded, foes just leave venues crying,
Never not tryin’, my design doesn’t allow half-assed attempt,
I’m three massive steps ahead of the masses in contempt,

Pass the lines of tents, it’s the civil war sequel, never passive anymore,
Smoke like four joints before I go out the door, came from the poor,
Aim for the highest door with the biggest prize hidden behind, what’s in store
For us? I need more than trust, I need to know what’s really up,

Pop a wheelie playin’ chicken with a rusty truck,
Life must be fucked if kids dodging’ danger still have bad luck,
I’ve been filled with stuff that most don’t see, peep inside a higher eye,
Funky and too young to die, blow your mind like Jamiroquai,

Very afraid to die, but ready to die, human paradox in disguise,
As the little guy goin’ against oligarchy, oil guys I all despise,
Boilin’ brains is a better use of time, bruise the mind, pollute the ponds,
Kill the kids, drop the bombs, end the peaceful times, cause nothing’s wrong (right?)

Wrong, we been off too long, time to turn on, get awoken,
“Leary! I need that LSD!”, turn off the LCD be free,
Evolve into different breeds like you’re Eevee, don’t deceive your family,
Don’t burn your castle down, them bridges don’t rebuild easily,

I think it’s feasible to see that I do this rap thing effortlessly,
Bars are just brought to me like I’m the bank and they the Brinks truck,
Heart like an ice rink, it’s too cold, while I’m also cool like AC,
DC you need a new CE-O, that orangutan seem a little fucked,

Buck up if you want to get through this existence,
Buckle up if you think this ride lacks resistance,
To get your bucks up, you just require patience,
To get your buck gunned down, acquire diligence,

Mirror the militant but move like a messiah of the Mayans,
I reply rebel and defy, never a fly on the wall, I’m the guy,
Debating and delegating, back room, where no one can spy,
Got more loyalty with my homies than everyone on the Trump team, (combined!)

Watch the snakes slither, hiss and bite each other when the grass is cut,
Reveal their evil when the past is undug, see these deceitful people squirm,
Can’t seem to face their qualms, just keep dropping bombs,
Hostile to anyone who ain’t their pigment, they bigger pussies than their moms’

When they popped out, fuckin’ losers deserve to be scalped,
Sound more like 1944 Krauts, time to give ‘em their third out,
Call back the birds out, I miss the sun and the days that Barry brought,
Though that change wasn’t enough, we need to know ‘Yes we can’ fix this botched plot,
Track Name: Captive (Prod. by BluntedBeatz)
Thinking to myself, why the fuck would you cheat?
Cheaters never win the game, they just deceive,
And illusions aren’t what I’m after, I’m after truth,
Reality, make my life into a fantasy most can’t believe, (please)

(phew) Here I go, life like a yo-yo,
Sniff the yayo and go into Flashmode,
‘Lil yahoos came up drinkin’ Yoo-hoos, surfin’ Yahoo for boobs,
Only had a few true riders in my crew, back in ’02,

That’s when I first graced my face upon that angel,
Heaven sent her express, priority, I fell under her spell,
As she fell into my plate, eat her up on my table,
Gon’ wild since a young child, I’m on my eighth O,

Eight eighths make the circle complete, yaannnoo,
I put the circle at peace, hippies always around me,
Evil’s an old friend, but I’ve always known empathy,
Grown quickly ‘round a savage jungle where beasts wanna feast on me,

Always known anger,
Always known that sadness,
Always known that bad shit, drives ya batshit,
A captive in a mad land,
Stockholm syndrome,
Drone out the drama with drunken nights,
Doin’ deadly razor walkin’, regretin’ everything,
Need a better way to deal with everything,

Endless moons would pass and we did crazy ‘till depression smacked
Ya upside the head, I move like I know that I was born dead,
A step ahead, be-head the King and be heard by the masses,
Led ‘em through cyclones, came out a champion where there’s green grasses,

My team full of savages, they even fight amongst themselves,
Wolves and beasts fighting just to get a little piece, it’s hell,
Where I dwelled, wonder why I have to spell it all out?
Cause the only way I got through was spittin’ flows in this drought,

Static interrupts melodies that leave your mind fucked,
I couldn’t be blind and I had to learn how to trust,
I must persevere, it’s the only thing I know how to do,
Comin’ from the lands of Lucifer, happy was a learned mood,

Always known anger,
Always known that sadness,
Always known that bad shit, drives ya batshit,
I was a captive in a mad land,
Track Name: Everything Changed (Prod. By Richie Beatz x Erock Beats)
Everything changed in 2011,
Tell ya the truth, I’ve never been to a Reverend,
Saw homies as brethren and blood ties been hatin’,
Got blues in my family, 5-0 at the reunion, debatin’,

What to do, either way I toke the good,
Can’t stop, rollin’ through your fuckin’ hood,
Doin’ like I should, dropout from college like Kanye my counselor,
Got an ounce here, make that bounce dear,

Drunker than Lil Jon sippin’ Crunk Juice out his chalice in Saigon,
This that era where the amber liquor be flowin’, blackout every noon,
Moons pass and I smashed every chick in my dorm,
Most had boyfriends, some passed me along to their roomies, (ooo a new girl!)

Love it, fuck all these art school sluts like groupies,
Chubby back then, wanted more, couldn’t land it like bad pilots,
Mad like quiet riots in my heads, only I wanted was them deads,
This when it changed, cause everything changed in 2011,

Everything changed in 2007,
Entered rooms like mortal combat in dungeons deep like the bat cave,
In ’07 I first drank, smoked, fucked- That’s called an addict hat-trick!
Manic panic (NAH!), Manny Paquio ‘cept if he got it, plus a World Series Pennant,

Man, I’m beyond the usual and booty makes me smile,
Higher than a Mastadon on hind legs, I got a psychedelic style,
Inherited from ancient hippies who showed us how to aim skyward,
Blind to the jerks, I just work out the dirt, that’s my word!

Saw needles, powders, pills and quarter-pounds,
All they did was trap in my town, (those dealin’ boysss)
Or all you did was lay traps in my town,
Or all you did was haul traps in my town, (fishermannn)

I remember the first time I saw money flip into magic,
I remember that time I was denied 10 million dollars (tragic),
I remember these dark times, helped me define my current prime,
Cause everything changed in 2007,

Everything changed in 2001,
Saw machines murder thousands in towers in the name of some tribe in Afghanistan,
What the fuckkk man? It feels like reality is doomed and damned,
Dam up my emotions cause this rollercoaster won’t stop flowin’ and

I ain’t one to stress out my amigos, an alien from outside the ethos,
Need flows? I got like a million of those,
Deep in the dungeons I been crackin’ all the codes,
Mixin’ up the crack, stayin’ amped, keepin' foes on their toes,

Disposed of the hoes and now I’m three-times what I was befo’,
Don’t need an invisibility cloak when my pot is hairy I feel invincible,
Wingarium leviosa I lift up off dro, take the bankroll, the piff and then roll,
Sip it slow with the brim low, fit into clothes meant for those wit’ the touch of Gold, (Midas!)

Terrorism the keyword, hit the hot button issues like ISIS,
Bomb the culture, need advice quick? Stick to shit outside of politics,
I mean if you wanna relate, ya gotta dumb down anything that ain’t numb,
‘Cause everything changed in 2001

Everything changed in ’93
Could see through every fuckin’ lie EVER told to me,
I was born dead and knew then I had to free the living shackled in slavery,
Got the torch lit, now I’m charging headfirst through the dark bravely,

Stark contrast to that orangutan they say is leadin’ the land of the free,
Band up with the thieves who rock the coat-of-arms from Skywalker’s family,
Got a dynasty to start, time to toss the tea in the seas and spark liberty,
Cause everything changed in ’93,
Track Name: '010 Shit (Prod. by Origami)
Blazin’ on ash, wake up in trash,
Cannons all blast, beats so loud they talk smack,
Herb racket, jedi tactics,
Tight jacket and loose-fitted cap shit,

Grab the 64 controller, burn gas like a motor,
Piss is the odor, or skunk or whatever you prefer,
Detour past the ol’ spot where we used to score,
Where we used to steal from the store, when we lacked a moral core,

Packed our feral jaws with bald puss to get tomorrow’s applause,
Lost in the crosshairs of pressure and sayin’ fuck it,
Duck dicks, blow spliffs, never the opposite,
Grab some chester’s chicken, share your breast get a ho’s tit,

I don’t do drugs, I am drugs,
Thug life tryin’ to grab Dolly’s jugs,
Mötley Crüe but chopped n’ screwed,
Must refuse to defuse, I’m goin’ Ka-BLOOM!

Tired of funky fumes in junkie rooms,
Trunk rattles harder than monsoons,
More room to grow in this fungus-filled globe,
Told to prosper better than my forefathers,

Hold hope in restraint as I maintain ambition,
Dippin’ in a system that causes inhibition,
Sick with the rhythm, ill on a mission,
Like I’m Conquistadors in a coma seein’ visions,

Pistons all firin’ like Detroits back in action,
Back with traction, tankin’ on lackeys who lack back and,
Travel faster than a tachyon, murder a Mastodon,
Spit masterfully like this about Marshall Mather’s Mom,

Harsh like the Sahara’s sun, the fair skinned Farrakhan,
Hairy on a villainous run, a five hundred ton gargantuan,
Vanilla sundae’s under a sky that’d make Tom cruise,
Bomb use is terrorism, but if we need to, we do, cause ‘Murica don’t lose,

I know I ain’t Aladdin,
But I am a lad into rappin’, (I am Aladdin to rappin’)
Got genies in my muthafuckin’ battalion,
Wanna bring it back to the Kingdom of Kush,

Smoke kush by the bush load then reload,
Elevated or higher are my only modes,
Flow so kamikaze cause I cough crops,
Eliminating enemies and dodging cops,

Down in the gutters, tokin’ evil in the East,
Roastin up a beast to unleash for the feast,
Illest from them northeast streets,
Where its colder than bein' naked in sleet,

Im paler than ale, wrap star cause I wear a sheet,
Ghost on his feet, trickin' foes, playin dead then strikin ‘till I get my eat,
Heat on me like I’m playing D against D Wade,
Fade away till I find that righteous passageway,

Seekin a massive wage, ridin on tsunami waves,
Tired of this low rate, less than great, second to checkmate,
Its bullshit im no longer gonna deal with that fucked state,
So im spittin till im in that unreal real estate,

Mega late for this very important date,
But i still catchup and overun my opponents, its my fate,
Im goin out my mind like a shotty shot me from behind,
But keepin on my grind, ain’t got time to waste, workin' while wasted,

Pasted to the patio, smokin' wooly dro,
Indigo in training, mastering how to stay in the flow,
Crafting my own way to bake the dough, outside the box yo,
Abstract like Picasso, got hoes lassoed like a brothel, yanno?

Life is relative, its how you look at it,
Feel high or down like sedatives, perception shift,
If you look in the reflection and its shit,
Switch that so hard like youd need a med kit,

Get it? Im talkin’ pushin' yourself till you bleed for your chips,
Aint no easy party with guac dip,
This a dinner for guap, gotta grind for tips,
Write on my togo slip I chilled with hobos and spit sick,

I mix wit with watchin' cartoons on Netflix,
I spark Bics and flick em till my lids turn to bricks,
Optics redder than republicans suckin up to idiots,
But I ain’t a suck up, im no fuck up,

Im unique like a sheihk, but not stuck up
Oh fuck I blow bucks like sluts blow coke dust,
Flow don’t rust, keepin' slick, not weighted down like stuffed crust,
Its go gargantuan or bust,
Track Name: Destrucreation (Prod. by Yondo)
Been takin’ hits, didn’t think I’d ever make it,
Came back in the 8th like Ali, that’s king shit,
Used to be the rebel ragin’, a loser or a heathen,
Turned my mind to reason, then rivals got a beating,

Who beefin’? Send the cattle train my way,
Turn ‘em to steak, sell ‘em, raise the stakes,
Make the pay raise, make the wage elevate,
Make the fees disintegrate, make the interest go away,

Her interest can’t delay, her eyes locked, can’t stray,
I pray we make it to tomorrow and forget the follies of today,
Skate on roads that are rough like waves,
Can’t be bored when the world’s all craz-y,

Hazy since lazy days when you smoked a bag to kill the pain,
Teenage angst gone when the american spirits lead the train,
Light the bulb and in our names, we claim the kingdom that come,
I ain’t see a better leader, no one more clever, not one, (cept us)

Destruction leads to a very rough road,
But it also breeds creation,
Destruction leads to a very rough road,
But it also breeds creation.

On my born day, I had life after death,
Some say I’m Biggie in white flesh,
I’m from places so poor pleasure never enters their address,
Like honestly when it’s great, I feel a disaster’s a moment away,

Flow like I don’t care today, but ambition never let’s me laze,
Goals to conquer, quick or competition will take your place,
On pace to be the biggest that ever did it, my whole brain is laced,
Giving you a taste of what I spit, lyrics causin’ a murder case,

Heroic since the playground days, now just stoic, hit the chronic and gaze,
Blaze till the fires of the Armageddon burn up my face,
Stay with my day one soldiers, scout a way out the hellish landscapes,
Embellish nothin’ so that truth can finally be exposed to my fanbase,

I toke, don’t give a damn what they say, I’m a man who’s brave,
Took a lane less ridden, accelerated till out Plato’s cave,
I’ve seen them tamed, domesticated and so estranged,
So I became strange to escape a maniacal, man-made game,

Destruction leads to a very rough road,
But it also breeds creation,
Destruction leads to a very rough road,
But it also breeds creation.

Just say know, no, not like that, add a k to the front of that,
Y’know? Go, go, heart beatin’, race-car engine,
Faces all in my direction, I got ‘em hangin’ at my attention,
I’m the kid from detention, looking for redemption,

Always felt like an Atheist, took shrooms, then knew I was wrong,
But still always doubtin’, cause I got a list of bullshit 3 miles long,
Then discovered melodies, transfixed my eyes and inhibition gone,
Found the spirit of God within the sounds of my favorite songs,

Big ol’ bong, and the potent something strong,
And the goings always on, I mean the vibes always like you belong,
The tribes ain’t tykes no more, time passes and you gotta be calm,
Still got CD-ROMs in our palms, difference is now we under palms,

Around since Saddam, packin’ heat like the Khans,
Got the heart of Casanova and the mind of James Bond,
I take the world head-on, been that way since young,
Ain’t changin’ ‘till the systems different, reflecting what we want,

Destruction leads to a very rough road,
But it also breeds creation,
Destruction leads to a very rough road,
But it also breeds creation.
Track Name: 24 (Prod. by Lucid Soundz)
Rock rotates ‘round the fireball,
Hours in the day we power through,
The embodiment of the complete church,
Carats in that pure gold,
Like the Black Mamba, like Ken Griffey,
Chapters in The Iliad and The Odyssey,
If you take MJ and then plus one,
Jack Bauer de-arming nuclear weapons,
Mahavira the lion, the last Tirthankara,
When Augustus got consul the tenth time,
Size of the speakers poppin’ out the trunk door,
Chopin’s preludes,
Times I robbed the big-name stores,
Books in the Tanakh,
Dollars to my name only a couple a years ago,
Number of spokes in the Ashok,

Age I am when this shit was wrote,
Four joints before 12, high as fuckin’ hell,
All I see is poetry, all I read are paintings,
All I do is say things, all my profits do is raising,

Chasin’ Godliness without cleanliness,
Been indo burnin’ since grade 8th,
Had a fifth to chase down that Eighth,
Can’t pace when the competition on your case,

Rich with fiction, but spittin’ truth like I’m askin’ for assassination,
Pass the concentration, need a fix for initiation,
Been blazin’, got a knack for logic, mind like I need patience/patients,
College knowledge without the payments,

A plus since front of the yellow bus,
But bad dealings, misbehavior and mistrust,
Lead me down roads I couldn’t roll back through,
Can’t fold, cause this life all I’ve got, gotta deal with it,

24 long years,
288 months I been here,
How quickly that passes is now clear,
Gotta make it worth my existence,
Gotta make it worth my existence,
Gotta make it worth my existence,
Gotta make it worth my existence,
Gotta make it worth my existence,

Practicin’ psychology and rhymes causin’ third degrees,
I snatch the purse from the rich old lady easily,
I been sent, USPS, to you, to here, to make it all clear,
That I’m about to run it like a bank robber after firin’ bullets,

Others lames wit’ the mullets, redneck fucks who gave us Trump,
Never been down on luck, except every other month,
That’s life, I learned it harder than if I got backstabbed with a knife,
All I know is I never wanna be basic, fuck a dog and a housewife,

Known to be not nice, and I wanna change that despite,
That hype that comes from seemin’ dark like where the lights?
Might turn tomorrow into a naked figure, point and pull the trigger,
End the sufferin’, end what shouldn’t be happenin’ that’s all I’m sayin’,

Gaia’s gorgeous, came from a land so poor we had nothin’ to split,
Anguish leadin’ to mania, obesity and throwin’ fits,
Hope the untold legends will at least make it to manuscripts,
The children poppin’ scripts hopin’ for a wish that’ll never come,

It’s ho-hum, I been dumb, chilled with hobos and bums,
Then vilified them, I’ve been on both sides of the fence,
I hate how the times they do just dispense,
Cleanse of you any wrongs, but fly by like a rich girl spends,

No expense can stop me from achievin’ royalty,
I got a fuckin’ eagle eye on creating originality,
No master to me, just my name and my pen, independently,
And dependent on who you ask I’m ‘posed to be the next breed,

Next level like Mario finished the castle and the princess ain’t there,
Got shit to do, a muthafucka in a business suit,
Just cause I ain’t wearin’ one doesn’t mean you don’t treat me like I do,
Got the paradox unlocked, God gave me the secret clue,

Cosmos isn’t bigger than you, it fucking IS you,
Feel it flow through, carry you like waves do,
Married to the soul like Chuck Berry,
Gonna bury me in the soil next to Kennedy,

They sent for me, they sent for me,
Divide hours like a dealer with a razor,
Paid offspring to hunt ya and give ya the phaser,
Aim like a lazer, only goin’ faster,

24 long years,
288 months I been here,
How quickly that passes is now clear,
Gotta make it worth my existence,
Gotta make it worth my existence,
Gotta make it worth my existence,
Gotta make it worth my existence,
Gotta make it worth my existence,

Crash the Prius and out the pastor,
Out in the pastures, I pass herbs,
Wildly, got snake eyes surroundin’ me,
But know I’m number one, fuck a plot against Izzy,

Kept the chronic close, read the chronicles and can quote,
Got my knowledge up like it’s the new Franklins, so I boast,
But know the smartest says he doesn’t know,
So remain humble and you cannot stumble bro,

Flow faucet with no off-switch, drownin’ the globe with my spit,
Been down in a hole since one-six, not last year but grade 10 shit,
Made in America, better than the red hats, check the tags bitch,
I’m a maverick with massive confidence, took their pot to piss,

In, can’t be out unless the calls are against you,
So keep movin’ like freight do, exponentially your career grew,
Bloomin’ since practicin’ rappin’ in my teenage bedroom,
Seen the Age of the Feds groomin’ future rich kids to consume,

I need a smaller government, cause ours doesn’t do it,
They got better ideas at the à la carte,
Better bug Trump’s phone, see if he working for oligarchs,
Hold up art that causes consciousness to shift before it’s too dark,

HB to me,
HB to me,
Can’t stay off anything,
HB to me,
Track Name: 1.2 (Prod. by BluntedBeatz)
1 point 2 to 2 point 5,
To 6 to 16 to sixty million by 35,
I’m gonna get richer than that Gates guy,
Smashin’ heavens gates and glass ceilings, (hi!)

I’m the new God, took over the whole outfit,
Got the oooo and yanno I keep the crowds lit,
Scout out locations, map the tactic, collect the baggage,
Got the fast whip, the assful chick and raisin’ the average,

(I said…)
1 point 2 to 2 point 5,
To 6 to 16 to sixty million by 35,
I’m gonna get richer than that Buffet guy,
Fuck it, I’ll tell ya how, where, when and why,

Planned since a toddler, back when y’all were still kickin’ n screamin’,
I will go feral on any adversary, I can be scary like a fuckin’ demon,
Leave ya sterile, while I beat the barrel, got a million battleships of semen
Sprayin’ on your woman like a shower where she fingers herself, thinkin’ of me, cause you lackin’,

Skydive into a pile of doubloons under a full moon,
I’m like Scrooge if he could groove and mood was mellow from marijuana,
Pair of slippers on in the sauna, drinkin’ rum in the cabana,
Havin fun with your baby mama, livin’ life like it’s my honor,

1 point 2 to 2 point 5,
To 6 to 16 to sixty million by 35,
I’m gonna get more than everything in the store, combined,
Takin’ every relic and treasure chest, pickin’ every pocket I find,

Got black and white like piano keys, (tar and snow)
Sellin’ every thing to anyone in need, (you don’t know how far I’d go)
I serve like the pharmacy, what’s yo feed? (whats your script?)
Follow me and I’ll show ya how to succeed, (Drop that shit)

Greed doesn’t pay, but ambition gets you a raise,
Just plant money seeds and watch the cash grow,
Watch the stacks flow, into your home if you’re in your zone,
Watch me be richer than anyone without touchin’ a loan,
Track Name: Twenty-Something-Teenager (Prod. by UrBan Nerd Beats)
I’m from past Pluto, where even satellites don’t go,
I’m from the past like Plato, when beasts and king were in control,
I’m from last place, really started as a slave on junkyards in Tatooine
I’m from an alien race, inter-dimensional, not from this space, different team,

I do the unusual, conquer my continents, while my girl keep it bad n’ bouje,
I don’t brag, just get the bag, it’s my call of duty, slurpin’ on some coochie,
I do keep a doobie ready, aim the snipe and keep it steady,
I don’t play, this a movie and see that chair? That’s mine, so watch me direct my reality,

I remake myself every month or two like teens switch their hair hues,
I rebuild cause I’m the leader that gives everyone hope when the sky ain’t blue,
I remix only samples, never find me choppin’ or screwin’ the truth,
I refuse to defuse, I got the billion dollar plot right in this booth,

I can change my form at any moment like a chameleon,
I can connect with ma famiglia get ya fish-side sleeping like a Sicilian,
I can can fresh food, serve ice red hot and turn flames frozen,
I can flow any way I want, regardless of which way the waves are goin’,

I don’t follow anyone, trends are like trains and I never catch ‘em, too late,
Rather go my own way, cuttin’ through jungle vines, got my own trail to make,
Got my own fate to raise, got my own foes to hate,
Got my own toe-to-toe days, got my own formula to turn apex to bait,

All the hoes just text late, I’m lookin’ for early mornin’ moanin’,
Catch me in the zone and I’m endin’ careers like I’m OJ Simpson,
Boat ride, clear from the dock, know Fredo ain’t coming back,
Sonny’s gone and you gotta run this whole criminal empire by yourself (so wack..)

Execution accurate, (better than any in any bracket)
If you got no constitution, you’ll fall flat, (they’ll take ya out back)
Murder the whisperer, (hiss and scurrrrrr ‘em)
Angry as the messenger, (Just tell ‘em yourself!) (You fucking bitch!)

Meddled in the depths, found the heart of humanity, just lying flat,
Bottom of the ocean, feelin’ the motions move it’s emotions, it’s all black,
Need that type of day that makes conquerers feel like they can relax,
I need that King’s retreat, I need that warrior’s cabin, on some island, off-track,

Been abstract since Pollock made the paint splat, causin’ a big splash,
Never surfed a wave, just caused them,
I’m like Neptune if he had two legs and was always burnin bouquets by the bush,
Deep in the kush is where you’ll find me, never not puffin’ is my hobby,

Godly since probably the age of 3,
Move like Hades cause death already surrounded me,
Born dead is the motto, my life is art like Picasso,
Eatin’ tacos in Chicago, dodgin’ cops and potholes,

Notchyo/nacho leader, get your own cheese, ya deadbeater,
That horse been bruised and beaten to a pulp for at least a year,
Now you’re just money suckin, get off your ass and get truckin’,
Stuck in a maze, cursin’ the day you where born, yet we all got these problems,

You think you’re the only one struggling?
You think no one else on this rock is suffering?
Open your eyes, your mind, your heart, light a torch for those in the dark,
If you’re lost or scarred, just get your own, regardless of the sharks,

Get your execution accurate, (better than any in any bracket)
If you got no constitution, you’ll fall flat, (they’ll take ya out back)
Murder the whisperer, (hiss and scurrrrrr ‘em)
Angry as the messenger, (Just tell ‘em yourself!) (You fucking bitch!)

We’re all poor to the core cause our souls are pulled ‘till they tore,
Every direction a misdirection tryin’ give ya infections and lessen your score,
Every choice a chore, so the lazy end up abject and bored,
Every rich caucasian sayin’ it’s their fault, meanwhile they horde,

Gorge on any delight, gorgeous girls and engorged glands
Supported with the helping hand of a pill, we all know the brand,
We all know this type of man, greedy with a pocket spillin’ out 50’s,
Doesn’t tip the maître d’, valet parks the ‘Rari and drives it home drunk as can be,

Fuck the lavish that abuse the privilege so childishly,
I just wanna be a twenty-something teenager with not a care to see,
With not a fuck to give, I just wanna be Hollywood royalty,
Isn’t that what we all want? To just be another star, part of that reality, (Where’s MY show!?)


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